Friday, June 19, 2009

Bom Bom Wallpaper!

Lol, I haven't posted a wallpaper or tutorial since oh idk February and with that being said I have to step up my game. Get back in the saddle! I may not write a blog every day of the month but I can at least do it 2-3 times a week. Its not that I HAVE to but I SHOULD. It keeps my vocabulary strength strong and helps me with laying out designs and showing you guys what I have been doing.
If you've noticed around everywhere my design has changed again. The last design seemed to be lost in translation so here I am with a new one. I really like this new one and think that I might keep it for a while...or until I get bored. I have to update the website but haven't had the right layout for it yet. I have been building different ones and I think I found one that works so expect to see me writing about that soon.
So with the new design I am trying a ton of different techniques most of which you will see in the new backgrounds. Normally the background is random but in this case its just a ClemArt background except its only in widescreen at the moment. Let me know if you need it in a different format other than that enjoy!

get the widescreen version here

1 comment:

esque said...

SAUCY! I love it so much! Def a keeper! Mwah! :)