Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Spray me away

GWAR! I can't not post a blog. Lol, I love following myself. Its like a personal stalker who knows you but not really. Lol, anyway how is everyone? Span-fucking-tacular I awesome? I myself am in a happy mood. The whole Justin staying with me thing is going well especially since we technically only spend 4 days with each other. I get my time while he is at work and he gets his time while he is playing world of warcraft. I also harass him daily regardless which keeps me in shape for the "Harrass-a-lympics".
In more business news I write for Indie Columbus but haven't written anything. I am too busy being Clem for that. I barely find time for the U-Weekly articles. Lets see I own my own business, I'm a freelance writer, and I am opening a pub/brewery...wait whats that you say?
For the past month me and Justin have been laying down the ground work for a pub/brewery. When things are official official official we will run around screaming "we are the champions" while drinking Vernor's and slapping people on the back.
In other less trendy news I am still designing just less now. I had this big push and then I was like eh *shrugs shoulders* and I began to focus more on the pub/brewery. Also I am trying to work out my amount of social interaction. I seem to be a binge social. I will go out for a whole week non-stop and then spend months just relaxing in the shade. The problem is I miss alot and should probably get my hiney into gear.
So expect a few new things in my shop as soon as I figure out what they are going to be. I randomly throw out ideas to Faeried Treasures and she is always like "Bologna, Chicken, and Red? How is that a background." Lol, needless to say my thought process is not so great.
Also I broke my Hairspray disc! I am doomed!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last night I went to a meeting of the minds more or less. These guys were high players in Columbus and here I was the recent college graduate with a business and another one on the way. I was the only one there who uses a pc and not a mac and I was also the only one without an i-phone. I was completely out of my element and it was like panic. The conversation was so well intertwined about things in Columbus and I was like *eats cheese square*. GOOD GOD WOMAN, am I not a young professional??? Have I fallen off the map?????
That whole idea and panic sensation carried into my dream world in which I had nerdmares. I for some reason had designed Justin's new site and people were asking "you aren't going to keep it that way are you?" or "Looks kinda first rate" and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!
So other than that you guys can check out my testing ground for blog backgrounds. I change the background once or twice a week and I test out color schemes and formats. Which in this case is a way for you all to preview in a more direct way. Currently I am testing out a few steampunk inspired ones. The ones I like will go up in the shop the ones I dont like you will only see once on the blog and probably never again.
steampunk concept

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Clem Racer Go!

I've started putting up the new stuff in my shop. If you guys notice I added two blog backgrounds and there is more on the way. You can expect to see new banners and new banner sets also. So that gives you a bigger chance to expand from blog to shop. I also going to put back up the listing for card design and a few other goodies which is also a general plus.
I got my package from Auntie Dis today and loved my candle! I even left her some feedback that went a little something like this:
"Oh, whats that? Amazing? Oh yes it is very amazing. I love the way my bedroom smells and the way she gave me extra goodies and I also love her so that works too. Amazing and if you dont agree something is wrong with you....horribly wrong with you."
So that means its the honest to Clem truth on how awesome it is. I got a sample of the Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper and when this Cactus Sea Salt runs itself down that will be my next grab.
koi fish bg

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funky Fresh

The new design is up and loaded everywhere....except for to the Myspace but that doesn't count because I don't really use my Myspace. Which makes everything even more exciting! I like the way this looks the khaki and white layout with hand-drawn letters and water color faded effects *squeels with glee*
I went to the zoo today and it was awesome. I also went to burger king and it was disappointing. When did burger king become disappointing? I get some stellar packages from Auntie Dis and Heathen's Hearth come Monday! If I dont get them Monday I will go on a rampage of unawesomeness. Speaking of which who hear is going to the Eco-Craftacular in Columbus this weekend? Its hosted by all of the Etsy people from Columbus (minus me) lol which is why it is unawesomeness. I went to fill out the form for team etsy and it was like trying to get married. Wanted me to go on dates and participate in our social actions. I just met you!!!!!
In other good news tomorrow is Mother's Day which for me means I can finally turn over my store stock and upload completely new works and purchases for you guys. Which probably wont happen until Monday when I have the time to upload and update.
So hopefully I can get the blogger packages up and running for you guys :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Is wherewithal a word? It must be...what does it mean. I should probably look it up before I make it a blog title but I wont. Anywhoot....
So it seems that I thought I had been updating my blog but hadn't. I told you guys last time about how I watch myself and wonder why this person never updates? Well I did it again. Except this time I remember telling myself to update and clicking on my blog and then insta fail.
In other news YAY! My re-branding of myself is in process. A few of you may have noticed that my shop has changed and my website home page has changed. Next is my blogger banner and icon followed by my twitter background. I am really immersed in this one so its exciting. I am sure the whole blue print steam punk thing was cool for a while but its time to let that trend go.
I am going to the Cinn Zoo Saturday YAY! ZOOOoooooooooooooo. Which means road trip and some good time with friends and the animals. Also *looks around* Star Trek comes out. I know I know I know nerd alert but its not even that. I saw Wolverine already and now its time for a newer more cooler version of everyone except Spock and I cant wait to see the movie.