Friday, March 27, 2009


Wheeeeeeeeee! Hello, my fine non-feathered friends. And to all of you who are feathered I dont think we can talk anymore. It seems you might have some contagious disorder. Shame.
Anywhooooot. I am all abouts my business this past week. I finally broke back into my creative streak and hand sammichs a glory. In other words I made monies. With that being said my buddy Justin is staying with me for a week which is awesome because he is like a giant attention bunny. He is like hey lets watch a movie. Hey lets go push people down at the pool. Hey lets build a hookah from scratch. Oh how I love his government brain.
I was going to photoshop my soap by itself on a beach but that failed. So i am going to make jerky with Justin and then go pick up phantom monies. Mmmm, phantom monies!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm on a DRAGON!

Who wants to go on an adventure through the clouds?

Yes "The CLEM" is riding a dragon through the clouds. Yes, I know right you need that soap right now!!!!!

In other news I am back from my two days off. Lol, I guess they werent really days off considering that all I did was not work for two days. I got to spend time with my friends which is worth alot to me now. Everyone kinda moved away so when they come to visit I put in that extra bit of effort to clear my schedule for them. Yes yes yes, I know I do have other friends but these ones are my special ones. The ones that kidnap me in my pajamas and we stand in Michaels for hours not buying anything.

I also feel like I have been ignoring the etsy portion of my life a bit too much. Sure etsy doesnt actually pay my bills but you guys are all awesome and I have been selfish taking break after break trolling etsy as blu.

So what have I been doing? Flyers and wedding invitations for my real life company which also happens to be ClemArt LLC. Which is fun in itself because not everyone is on their p's and q's in the world. Lol, so its like watching kids run through a candy shop when you get to send people designs and they go "Oh are amazing." It reminds me that just because I dont sell things on etsy doesnt mean it has to effect my real life job. I also cant get enough of the clem on this dragon. Lol, I am so proud of this photomanipulation.


Right now the heathen's of HeathensHearth are having some sort of soap thing a ma jigger about something or other. You can read about it here! I will start promoting it as soon as I do the other 5 billion things I have to do online. And by that I mean probably tomorrow lol. I am going to bang out 4 cd cover designs, 2 church logos, 1 flyer, and drink juicy juice all tonight. Mmmmm, I loves my money!

My inspiration for this manipulation came from the song 'Cloud Age Symphony"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lets have a talk

"Oh why hello there! Nice to see you old chaps.
Jolly good, jolly good. It’s come to my attention
that the soap game is getting mighty fierce, yes
fierce indeed. Between the “Heathens War” and
the “Great Soap Debate” it seems that I have
been shall we say forgotten."

"So why not show the good ol Clem
we all know and love some love? Its simple
really. All it takes is $5.00 plus shipping and
handling no cod’s of course, and you too can
bring me home for the loving of a lifetime."

That is all :D


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can't get any better...oh wait I can!

So whilst being awesome and people bathing with my soap which you can buy here , something amazing happened. The world opened up and spawned the most deliciously cute bracelet from the depths of panda heaven.

ALL HAIL JUPITA! The pandas cried as the bracelet flew up into the heavens of the world and became the must have fashion accessory for everyone and anyone! As the pandas took one last glance at the beautiful bracelet as it left its home a tear rolled down their awesome faces and turned into brownies and diamonds!!!!!!

Okay, first of all Jupita mad love to you for this. I never considered myself fashion forward but now I am...and I will rule the world *muahauahauhauhauahuahauhauahuahauhauahuaha* Moo goo goo guy pan!!!!!
Lmao, thats my cry of evil.
Now if I didnt know any better I think this makes Jupita the awesomeness on my arm since HeathensHearth is the awesomeness in my shower. Its like the world is filled with some much awesome and I cant contain it! My world is exploding into digital orgasms of amazing and its all from you guys!

Also buy my soap! And buy Faeried Treasures soap and then sit in the tub with both of them and then rub them on yourself and then when you get done with that you are going to be dirty in a clean way and its the only way to get clean!!!!!

I have to think of something magical in lucky charms but cooler!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday was yesterday right?

Lol, sooo someone definitely didnt write a blog the past two days and for that I am going to look for this video to explain why I did or did not:

Exactly!!! Amazing!!!!
Lol, anyway here is a new banner for you Love Bones :D
ALSO HeathensHearth is having an amazing sale. None of which involve my soap but still an amazing sale. Also if a person were to buy lets say 1 bar of the clem and then 55 other people bought 1 bar of the Clem it would be awesome...and help feed a diabolical plan like none other...


Also while we are on the subject of Heathens Hearth I was given an award like a bajillion days ago...
7 things I love
1. My Family
2. Money
3. Naughties
4. Pepsi
5. Soap
6. Food Stuffs
7. Water (in lake/ocean/fountain form not that bottled bs)

As you know I should tag like 7 people but I dont want to :P

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ooooh yeah!!!! So if you written a blog in the past 24 hours chances are I just responded to them. I am not slacking per say but indeed just waking up from a much needed nap. I also just drunk an 8oz bottle of water which makes me feel semi-healthy. Lol, anyway I have been busy all weekend and if you talked to me last week Wednesday-Saturday you know that I have been doing alot of partying.
My friends all decided that this past weekend was the weekend to spend with Clem my favorite quote from that was a very bad bad racial joke. Hee hee. I am finally catching up today from all of that which means that I am actually in photoshop today working hard. I should probably go out and get myself a freelance client this week. Lol, I need to make back the money I just spent on 4 days of partying.
*clears throat*
Some of my banners have been on Etsy so long the went into the inactive...old retired bin. Everyone was like just put out the 2 dollars to renew them but I would rather not...wait except for dying bush I will renew that. Lol, anyway I've got new designs coming your way. I have been working on them off and on and sometimes just sometimes I ask some people what they think. Reguardless of which I am sure you all noticed in my store a new addition this past week and it was a Mother's Day Banner. I have lol, I think 3 more of those without me having to make new ones so I think I can rest on that.
In other news Blu Sparrow is getting rid of the Chai Tea Popcorn until fall time. Sad sad sad sad day when my favorite goes away...

Here is a banner!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Soap Babies

Misty of Heathen's Hearth was like "Awwww poor Clem. Being so super awesome but losing the war. " So she flew down on her creamy soap dragon and landed in a pool of my clear soap armies blood and walked across the field of soapy awesomeness to me. As I stood there completely bewildered after the raping my men had received she reach out and offered me a gift. Something so awesome I think I tinkled a bit in my armor.
I stood up and shook the tinkle out of my armor and turned towards my men. In my hand was the glory of war. The battle trophy fit for all of Mc Hardy. Ladies and gentlemen it was SOAP. But not just any soap THEE SOAP to end all battles forever. It was "The Clem". A soap so beautiful and that was both creamy and clear.
Babies were instantly born, men cried, and most of all the women of the land stripped to bathe with this Orange Pomegrante glory. Waterfalls bore new springs for nymphs and fauns to play in. It was amazing.
And now you too can have a piece of this glory! Of this great kingdom of..."The Clem"!

Clem Soap

Now I know I know I know I know(yes I KNOW), everyone was all Clem you lost ha ha. But indeed I am the victor with such a sweet scent as Orange Pomegrante who wouldnt like to smell as awesome as me.

Tonight even Heathen's Hearth is having an sns sale! You know what that means right? If you dont its a saturday night sale which means a chance to buy the Clem at an awesome price
10% off your total purchase of $10 or more and a free lip balm in your choice of flavor for every $10 spent!

Get in on this I command thee!!! Okay if it didnt work for me getting votes I know it wont work now. Lol, but still enjoy the sale!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clem of Hardy Mc Clear

I lost...with great skills I leaped over creamy soap moats and shot dragons made of creamy soaps in the eye and it wasnt enough. I give in....
Misty the Mosity Cream Girl : 3 billion
Clem of Hardy Mc Clear: .....2.5

It seems that even though clear soap still sells more on etsy creamy soap is preferred. I wonder why?

Anyway I lost so here is my end of the wager. Misty gets a girlie banner because she wanted one and I was like not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. So it seems she grabbed some of that invisible hair ripped it out and served it with a nice cool glass of "Yeah now what bitch!"

SO for you Misty you best use this banner ya hear? Or I's bee comin by real soon...real soon.

heathens hearth

So with that being said wouldnt it be awesome if there was like a soap that was both creamy and clear? One that was both orange and blue??? Like my awesome logo????? I wonder.......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Come on really guys?? Everyone is loving the creamy soap better??? Cause I am shaking my fist at all of you here is the score so far:
Misty: 9
Clem: 2

Lol, you people make me sick! Lol, voting is still going on but you can only vote once of course. I will tally everything up at the end. So if you want you can continue to vote in yesterdays blog or todays. I dont care just vote for me!!!!


So I may have lost day one of the battle but I mean thats normally how the story goes right???????

So whats your pick? Creamy or Clear soap?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I got the most amazing package from Nemsis Productions yesterday. It was SOAP. I love SOAP. If there is one thing that makes me check my bank account for spending money its when I see a soap shop on etsy. I get all oooooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaah. And then I am mmmmmmmm.
So needless to say I used like two bars because taking two showers a day makes sense when you have insane amounts of soap. I lathered and scrubbed, danced and loved, and used...used a little too much soap. Lol
So then I got into a discussion Misty of Heathens Hearth and I told her that people prefer clear colored soaps and she told me that people prefer creamy soaps. We both stated our cases but it does neither of us any good I needs some help!
Lol, or you can vote for her I dont care, either way which do you prefer?


THIS IS CLEMART!!!!!!!!! *kicks a man made of creamy soap into a gape'n pit like in 300* Clemartans!!! What is your profession?
*crowd of awesomeness says*
Lol, okay I am getting carried away.

But seriously leave a comment. Which do you prefer creamy or clear soaps?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay Yeah

I did not post the rest of the tutorial yesterday as everyone has noticed and if not then *shakes fist at you*. Also Saturday was my 100th blog post. YAY, lol. I am just dragging abit of arse as of late. A funk I am sure I will get out of. Doing my real life job, My Etsy Business, My other etsy business, lol and my freelance writing gig is starting to take its toll. Which is odd because for all versions of what I do I pretty much have to sit on the computer all day. Well today maintenance finally fixed everything at a classy 8am in the morning which when you go to bed at 3am is not such a great time to wake up to.
I filled out my college loan shotna in order to avoid them raping me with a late fee. Lol, oh school why did you cost so much. 9 more years and 9 more months and I can say goodbye to you...unless I become a millionaire then you could kiss my arse today. *Stops and listens to her neighbor blaring a ton of music*
Lol, so this is how I am starting out my day. Post office magic followed by business banking hold the lame sauce. Lol, I have to run to chase sometime too. GAH. I think by now everyone in general has run themselves a wee bit ragged which is okay with me because then we can all go crazy together :D. There could be like an Etsy insane asylum.
With that thought I leave you...I cant remember if I have a banner to go here or not. I know I have some but they are all holiday themed. Womp womp