Sunday, April 19, 2009

For the fishes

I just broke my ipod shuffle charger. Which leaves me the opitions of a. buying a new one or b. shelling out 56 dollars and going to the pawn shop and grabbing my ex's ipod touch that I bought for them oh way long long ago.Decisions decisions decisions.
In other news how is everyone?
I got that gig in Arizona doing posters/flyers for bands but its kinda lame. The guy has no idea what he is doing or how to go about it. I spent 25-30 mins the other day fixing someone elses photoshop mistake and then its like the ugliest piece of design work. But thats not my place. All I know is that when someone doesn't know what they are doing it makes it harder to do what you do.
In more exciting news(things dont make me gd monkey balls)I am working on operation blog backgrounds and they are looking pretty nice. Now all I have to do is actually put them up on etsy for you guys to like buy them or see them.

Here is a little preview of one of the backgrounds:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well now your world is mine

So who has seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog? You? You? Come one out of the 100 people who read my blog surely someone is as big of a nerd as me! Nope? No one? Thats cool. Lol, regardless its amazing. I have seen it twice and Justin plays the soundtrack in the car sometimes we are going somewhere.
Its fancy pants classy style musical and since I love musicals it all works. So thats what I have been doing in my free time. Hanging out with Justin and smoking a hookah. A honey dew melon smelling hookah. Anyway hookah around these parts is considered a social gathering function so Justin and I built one. It is omega awesome. So people come over and play video games and we smoooooke it.
Also as far as graphic work goes I may have a gig in Arizona (freelance of course). I am making music fliers for bands I could care less about but its all good. I like expanding my portfolio and graphic prowess.
In other news I made a few demo fliers to send out and we shall see how that goes. Also I am getting into making blog backgrounds for peoples bloggers and live journals so if you like to change your blog just as much as you change your etsy shop banners or your wardrobe.
Also I have had a huge increase in twitter followers which means I need to become more active again. I will try and start posting more of my current work and what I am working on and show you guys what I actually do in real life.
My favorite song actually spoils the movie for Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog so dont watch it if you might watch the movie. Lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

Skeleton Boy

I have been playing Skeleton Boy nonstop since I bought it yesterday and I like it alot. It gets me pumped up and I am all singing and grabbing at my clothes and acting like I am on stage. Good fun good fun indeed.
Anyway I am wondering what everyone is doing for Easter. Who's spending it with their families and who is spending it online on Etsy? I got a lot of questions about whats going on with Blu and for that I will update Blu's blog which you can find here.
I have a story to write to complete my weekend and I am heading to Katie's for Easter. I may even get some snugglies before then. Who knows.
Me and V just played Rock Band for like a billion hours and it felt good until my butt cheek collapsed and decided it didnt want to be a butt anymore. Lame on its part. So we stopped playing and got some nasty Little Ceasers pizza. I remember when Little Ceasers was amazing. It had a certain taste and smell and you just felt excited to have it. Now its like OMFG *spits out chunks of pizza* What happened to my child hood? Eh, *eats a fake pepperoni*
So whats new with me? Whats new with you? Lol, I actually read my blogs but no one is really updating. Little Papoose talked about her package from Nemesis Production, Heathens Hearth reached 900 sales....I like pudding?
Lol, so I am reading your blogs I swear I just dont seem to be responding. Except I do stalk Mike's Hemp Bracelets and I do respond to his blog...and Charlie Carter should update her blog.
Now that I am done blaming everyone else for me not posting blogs here is some magic for you:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Its not that I dont check my blog or look at my blog but its just that I dont write my blog. Every time I scroll over my name I am like why hasn't this ClemArt Design updated. This jerk! Turns out I am ClemArt Design and I AM the reason why it hasn't updated.
Justin has been crashing with me which is a curse and a gift. If its 3am in the morning and I am hungry no more cooking dinner I poke Justin with the nearest object and say "Food." Thats the end of that and we go grab some of the awesomeness of Columbus. The only problem is now I get what I want which means now I will weigh 3 billion pounds. I also punch him in his butt. Its good fun but I think it might be messing with his "man hood".
I finished a ton of projects last week but they were shockingly all Etsy based. I dont think I have ever had a week in which Etsy took over my clientle. It was odd going through so many emails and most of them saying "conversation from Etsy".
I've done a few new designs and in this case I just haven't posted them. I am about to redo my website so everything is falling into this one category "GET IT DONE". I ran into a website for some local people that do the same thing I do and I died a bit inside. Flash how I hate you but LOVE you so much. I was thinking about doing javascript but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Also I have been having weird crazy dreams the newest was a man who stuck walrus teeth into his sons head and sucked out orange liquid. Everyone keeps asking me what I ate and I dont know if that even played a factor.
Thats from some work I did the past week :). Anyway I am done writing and now I need to read other blogs...and do I still typing?