Saturday, January 31, 2009

But MOM! I dont wanna....

Today was the day of I dont wanna. I didnt want to give the bank my money to pay rent, I didnt want to go to the anime convention all my cracked out friends went to, I didn't want to get out of bed, and I especially dont want to color in the comic today. LOL, I suck. Last night I went out and got a bit lippy with the in a guzzled shots. While standing on the corner on my cell phone this car slowly creeps by me with a white guy hanging out of it. I know what this is. He is going to hurl this cup at liquid at me and I can't stop him. I could dodge out of the way especially since I can see it slow mo coming at me. He for sure throws his drunk on me and then laughs as the car speeds off. I think he assumed that I was an anime nerd or leaving the Columbus Blue Jackets game. In both cases he was wrong. I may not ever see him again but I have put his face to memory. So if I end up on the news for beating a man with his own two fists then you know why.
My friend Tato came down for the convention this weekend baring gifts a plenty. He had cupcakes, potato chips, booze, and of course a special hoodie from Justin my best tall white man ever and he calls me short black girl. We are batman and robin but defined by our races.The hoodie consisted of a panda wearing a pimp hand, having a cane, and a breif case with a slogan that says "It's alright ladies, I am an international sex panda pimp." Lol, classic
Tato even brought me a cutie. Lol, now let me explain what I mean by cutie a very lovely brown haired something with curls a million. I giggled sadly though a bit too much of a prude for me and too two years younger than me. Alas it seems I should stick to my profile right littlepapoose?
Lol, so you guys get nothing today. No banners, no goodies, and no comic. Instead what you do get is me saying I dont want to and the knowledge that I wub 98% of you. The other 2% know who you are *eyes them*

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Feature

I woke up this morning (at like 9:30am) and did my normal checking of emails. So as I sit here a little after 11:18am I go through my blogs. I am seeing a ton of featured people in today's blogs and I am wondering if I missed the the posting to everyone to feature some or something in their blog.I am one of those "I enjoy the stroke of my ego" people so upon looking back through my blog I guess I technically only feature myself.
I thought on the matter of the feature and I would play favorites too much. I mean I already do a comic with a .5% of Etsy as the cast mates what about the other 99.5% who will never be in it?
So today instead of featuring the crazy awesomeness of myself or my etsy friends I am instead going to do something amazing. I've seen people do features on monkeys, sweets, soaps and hand bags but nothing like this. Nothing like a Clem feature. This is going to be a fookn Clem makeover banzai. Its going to be like Home Make Over meets Top Design meets Jizz in my pants. So I hope you are ready for this. Cause here it comes!
Lol, okay I lied but I got you pumped up didn't I? It is an nice idea though. ClemArt Design Makeover Banzai. Lol, I couldn't do it at random or I could but then I would be that person who was a "dick" for telling someone their shop graphic items sucked. Either way one day I will feature someone even if its that guy who makes exploding frog soap.....

I was rummaging around online and found these awesome comics from like 5 years ago. Lol, so I am going to post them

(click the smaller comic to make it bigger )


Thursday, January 29, 2009


I went to bed last night at 10pm. I wanted to be able to wake up early for a ton of errands I have to do today. I woke up at 3am wide awake. Thats a whopping 5 hours of glorious sleep especially since I didnt have to be awake for ooooh another 3 or 4 hours. My body has gotten used to sleeping 5 hours and then waking up to do work. Normally I go to bed at 4am after spending a night in the chat room with my fellow "Tales From Etsy Land" cast mates but alas last night I was trying to be awesomely good.
In other news (besides the fact that I think I might need to go back to sleep) Nemsis Productions gave me a kick ass shout out in her my craft blog. I rewarded myself with a nice steamy shower. So if you see me around in Etsy Land make sure its me and not some insane sleep deprived version of me walking like a zombie into chats. You can tell the difference between the me and zombie me by how often I ask questions and if I put my foot in my mouth.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I think I am going crazy in a matter of words. Lol, my weird sleep schedule attached to my sometimes echo built work load is nothing. And by nothing I mean the way things are going its not weighing on my subconscious at all. But the thing that is making me paranoid is reading and research. I find myself googling like a crazy person in those late wee-night hours. Dreaming and hoping for something more magical then I already have. Like there is some hidden word that I haven't yet discovered that when I google will open up a whole new world of ideas and surroundings.I am always looking for new ideas or funny things to read. So its almost like a life line to the world. Which btw is snowing great guns outside.

I woke up this morning at an unknown time and went into the bathroom. Everything was pitch black yet I kept having this creepy feeling that something or someone else was in my apartment so I shut my bathroom door and sat in the bathroom in the dark. I kept having flash backs to "Saw One" in which the little girl kept telling her dad there was someone in her closet and he didn't listen. I stuck my hand out and ran my fingers over my closet door in the bathroom. The wooden blinds barely responded as I pressed on them.
I got done with what I was doing and flush and as normal washed my hands but I closed the bathroom door behind me. I felt better with the door closed but then I tried to talk myself into being "a big kid" and I opened the door. I didn't feel so good anymore. I turned around and stared into the bathroom and it was this gaping pitch black hole with a door frame. Something wasn't right and I could feel it. A surge of paranoia took over me and I raced into my bedroom and I shut my door.
As I laid back down to sleep all I kept thinking was I have to go here tomorrow and I must do this. My bedrooms temperature quickly dropped without the circulation of warm air and cold and I bundled up under two comforters. I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing and a familiar hello. What an odd thing paranoia is.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Its a busy yet slow day for me. I had a panic attack trying to do my taxes. Lol, I have so many freelance gigs on the side its impossible for me to keep up so I think I might just go to H&R and suck it up.
In other news I am partially bored out of my witt but in that same token I am so tired. I am running on kinda sorta fumes which basically means nap time. I wonder what keeps everyone else going after staying up late in chat...

I found myself having an emo day yesterday. I was playing around in the forums and I saw the most horrible sight ever...sales. Lol, I thought quickly to myself I am 20 times better than this person what gives? The difference was all in price. There was about a 3 dollar difference. Which meant that I was out of my bargaining range. So I posted a forum topic asking how other people deal with the idea of competition. Only one person responded. Eh, I guess no one is in competition right?I am sure people just watch other peoples stores just for the fun of it right? Even if they make the same thing as you? Oh you clever dog you! Konkers to you!

In other news my BFF Inkihandmade sent me an awesome fooking post card in the mail and I am glad to say I got it. I put it on my fridge and all. :)

international friend day

Monday, January 26, 2009

T-Shirt Hell is CLOSING?!?!

I am a person of witty yet bad humor so of course I love t-shirts that point that fact out. So I buy most of t-shirts from you guessed it t-shirt hell. I woke up and was playing around in one of my 24 emails(literally 24) and I was like ooooh t-shirt hell. I click on the email and it says they are closing. Now I cant even get it to come up in my browser window. Gah, for who will make me t-shirts of witty bad humor? Who will tell me that the Pillsbury dough boy believes in "White Flour". *cries a little bit and regains my composure* GAH!
*phew* I just the page to load and this isnt a fooking sale. lol, everything is still the same price and the guy is like a millionaire....
Anyway in other news I spent most of yesterday twiddling around with a brush set for Inkihandmade and banners for 12Step. It was pretty good fun until I realized it was like 10pm and I was supposed to go out with a friend for pizza...woops.
I am sure she wont even notice I didn't go out with her due to the fact she smokes enough trees to cause global warming (stolen from ludacris. Regardless I love that mofo. Me and her once drove her car over a huge hill and fooking flew through the air for like 3 seconds before her car scrapped the ground and I found out that I could fly. I was in a seat belt too!!!!!
So to all of you who enjoy flying in cars this one is for you:
broken fool

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grog Soup

I believe that I went to bed at 1amish or was it 2amish...hmmm. The odds of me waking up at a decent time though was slim. *guzzles some hot tea and then remembers that its hot* Mmmm....owwwwwww. Yet for some reason I am all sorts of groggy and clumpy eyed. Lol, clumpy eyed. Anyway I went out to the party last night and it was a total bust so being the good Ol Clem that I am I hopped to a new party which we then couldn't find parking for and went home. *le sigh*
In other more business like news radrb8vicki 's brochure for her paperbead making tool is done and as soon as it goes into printing and she gets them in her hands I will post a bit of it here so you guys can get all proud of me and swoon. The kind of swooning I do when I see littlepapoose in a chat room and rush in to join her.
Also in other business news I am going to the RokCity Studios Showcase on Friday for free so I am going to be all up in those bands grills interviewing them which should be awesome.
If you have been on my page recently you have seen the newest addition...well two new additions to my profile which I haven't featured in my blog due to the comic so here is the first one which is a new Valentine's Day banner for the world of Etsy.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Great Debate

So technically today I should stop the comic and continue back to my old ways of banners and semi-crazy stories about monsters in the basement or smelly soap that magically makes your skin feel better than any soap ever did. Now the problem with this means that all those extra pages that I have lying around has to wait to be posted for the next cast members birthday which in this case would be CharlieCarter in March. Lol, thats almost two months away and I should probably feed littlepapoose's addiction to knowing whats going to happen next. If I stop now English wont be featured for two months oooooooor I can post a page a week on a given day and every time a cast members birthday rolls around make it a whole week. Now I am debating this like none other due to the fact that well I have all these pages to sit on. I guess I could make them look better or taste better with white wine but alas why?
Also I was lying in bed waking up from a well needed nap when I heard this loud "FUMPBUMPTHUMP" and then it was followed with a "Mooowosdj" moan. I live next to an old man (as many of you readers know from my whole post about him)and I assumed he had fallen down, was out for the count, was never going to get back up.
Now here is the problem with me. I don't leap up to the rescue unless I feel like someone really needs to. I am one of those "No way, run bitch run" people so I dont really save others. So I waited silent as a mouse to see if he would make anymore noise. The problem with this is if I wait too long and he has been down on the ground then there is a slight chance he wont make it and if I jump up and he is perfectly fine and wonders why a breathless black chick is at his door he might think I am crazy. So I sat there...well more like layed there and then to my surprise a good 5 mins later he was talking to himself again and carrying on. So in my brain I think he dropped the body of the woman who he holds hostage (weird dream I had)and was cursing at it for weighing down his walker.
*clears throat*
I also have like 2 parties to go to and in which my answer was "No". The odd reason behind my answer made me feel a great ball of shame. I wanted to sit on Etsy and chat with everyone. How lame am I? Lol, people who are within touching reach of me ask me to go out and I am like nope gotta talk to people I have only seen in photos. Sorry can't help ya. Lol, whoa I think I have an addiction to etsy chat with my etsy friends...
Anyway I need you guys to decide for me. Comic once a week or no comic until the next cast members birthday?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blood Splattered Tears (comic continued mature auidience)

About a year ago I downloaded "The Cinematics" cd and I was not really feeling it. I liked about two songs and I played those on very rare occasions. I clicked on one of the songs today by a random action of clicking I like to do and I landed on the song "Maybe Someday". In the song he says "No blood splattered tears." How impossible is that I thought...
I slept in today and when I did get up I printed out inkihandmades postcard for shipping. So if you are reading inki you will be getting the card either monday or tuesday depends on when mail pick up is. Anyway, I went grocery shopping and got raped by the prices. Fooking 66 dollars in food. OUCH. Man, and my back hurts from trucking the groceries the clem fashion way.
Anyway todays blog title is very fitting for the comic.As we all know this was building up to some action which in turn took a very odd turn when I was writing this. I draw scene by scene and sometimes I will forget to draw a scene. The reason for that is because I am literally writing while i am drawing. I knew that I wanted there to be a big bar fight and for everyone to join in and to introduce "Captain Jack Mehoeff" aka Faeriedtreasures but it kind of got out of hand. Yesterdays pages with the guy throwing up becomes very important to introduce Englishmanips character lol. So I mean I had a lot of things to build to without many drawings or time. Especially since I wanted to establish that "Asshole Anders" is the bad guy.
Now I know littlepapoose is the sweetest apple on the planet so the action and violence thing isnt well...her thing. Lol, so i do apologize in advance for todays and tomorrows ultra violence filled pages. So for that I am limiting the next couple of pages only to blogger
See it bigger




Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wakey Wakey...but no bakey? (comic continued)

I am getting all sorts of womp womp coming from my brain. Its like womp womp "You dont have any bacon nor do you have sausage and all you have is one packet of blueberry pancake mix. Womp womp, you do not shop properly." I MADE A LIST I SWEAR!!!!!! *sighs*
Me and littlepapoose were up till all hours of night and if she hadnt gone to bed I wouldn't have gone to bed. We have a cool pact like that. We are like long lost crazies in a sea of crazies...its awesome.
Also on another ironic note I applied for this freelance writing gig and the guy was like "I would like to see an example of your blog." And I was like "Shsdjdsbjfd oooooooh, yeah....hmmmm....kay...uh" *jumps out window and runs*
I some how only managed out of like 5 pages of drawings to only get 2 pages done for today *le sigh* So no wood...which makes me sad cause he is going to big and burly and all manly like "WOOD". Lol, I loves it. Oh but today I do introduce my wifey...
Big stuffs here


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a big Kid! (comic continued)

Uh, I just woke up and I feel like I just drank until I passed out. Lol, oddly enough thats not what happened. BUT if that was what had happened( I dont even know if that sentence made sense) then it would have happened because today is ACTUALLY littlepapoose's birthday. We would have gotten drunk and been marry and had cakes and pies and chicken wings. There would have been liver performers and giraffes.
*clears throat*
LOL, and with that here is some more of the comic. Tomorrow we actually get to the Vulva Tavern which means we meet CharlieCarter's character and the bad guy of the story for now. We may meet Nothinbutwoods character but I dont know how many pages I will get done. And on Friday I am determined to introduce Englishmanip's character. Anywho here it is in blog form and here it is larger here




Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tales From Etsy Land "Chatters Island" pt 2

I was sooooo pumped up I decided to post these guys as close to the real morning as possible. Which to me is actually 7am. I am really excited about these pages and the ones that come after them. I already have everything written in my head and right now its all about putting it on paper. I hope to be able to at least get to "The Vulva Tavern" by Thursday or Friday that way I can introduce "Big Booty Carter" and "Hemorrhoid Ass Ander Captain of The Rusty Trambone" but until then we have some chit chat between Captain Penis and Lady Poosy that must be had of course.
Also you will notice a new addition to page. I added a Captain Penis Pants Twitter follow button. So hopefully I get all the characters in order and make everyone their own Twitter button of their character. So without further adu here are pages 2 and 3 of the story. If you cant read it click here

poosy two

poosy three

Monday, January 19, 2009

Arrrr (adult conversation)

This week is littlepapoose's birthday which to my knowledge is Wednesday. So with little time on my hands (i found out two days ago) I thought to myself what could I get her for being awesome? I pondered on this for a while and even ate a sandwich and then it hit me. Lady Poosy!!!!!
So last night in the chat a group of us made pirate names and named our ships which for this week will come in handy since its going to be Lady Poosy week. Lol, I know classic right! But dont fret I am not going to go on about how amazing she is. Instead I made her this ....dun dun comic. Lol, its very quickly done seeing as I worked on it for about 5 hours total which if you have ever seen my artwork you'll be like ohh....I also colored this and drew this at 12 am in the morning so I am thinking lol maybe today I will ya know sleep? But hey going to bed at 5:45 am is awesome!

With that being said I give you page one of Tales From Etsy Land "Chatters Island".

possy one


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Make A Brush Tutorial

Alrighty this is a dangerous tutorial since you wont get some of the extra stuffs behind the image but here it goes:

I've provided you guys with the image as usual. Today we are going to be working with a flower image. If you would like to work with you own photo or drawing it needs to be in either gray scale or black and white. If the photo or drawing is in gray scale remember that anything that is white will not show up on your brush.


Step One
Alrighty, first step is to get this flower opened in photoshop. After that we select our brush tool.


Step Two
Lets look on our tool bar and we will find a number next to a brush shape. Next to the number is a little arrow and thats what we want to click on to get our brush menu to drop down.

Step Three
With our brush menu you down we can see a list of the brushes currently in use. If you are an older version of me you might have 80 brush sets that dont belong to and if you are new to this then this is where all your photoshop brushes are in the program.


Step Four
Sadly we now have to deleted all of this brushes one by one. Right click on a brush and select delete. When all of your brushes are deleted move on to step five.
Things to be aware of
If you have a ton of brushes and you find it too hard to save them all simple reset the brushes and a save window will pop up. Save those current brushes and then start from the newly reset brushes and delete them.


Step Five
Select "Edit" from the tool bar to get your drop down menu to pop up.

Step Six
Look for and find something that says "Define Brush Preset" and select it.

Step Seven
A window should pop up saying the name of the file ".png" or ".jpeg" ".psd" etc select inside of that window and name your brush. Then follow that up by hitting "ok"

Step Eight
Reselect the brush tool and bring down your brush menu again by clicking the arrow. There you will find your newly made brush. Click on the little guy and lets give it some love.

Step Nine
Lets make a new photoshop layer. If you dont know how you can either:
a. Go to your layers palette and select the thing thats a funky square. If you hoover over it, it will say "Create New Layer". Click it and you have a new layer.
b. Look up on your tool bar and select "Layer" and then follow that by selecting "New" and then "New Layer".


Step Ten
Lets turn off our bottom layer by using the "eyeball" in photoshop. Just click the eyeball next to your layer in order to turn it off.

Step Eleven
Select your new layer and have at it. Click, drag, make it big, make it small, and change the color if you like. Get a feel for that new brush.

Step Twelve
Lets save this brush. Select the arrow again and drop down your brush menu. You look in the top right hand corner of the brush menu and there is a tiny little arrow. Select this guy and a whole new menu should pop up.On it you want to select save and this brush set and save it out. (dont worry if you want to add more brushes to the set its a snap)Also remember where you save this little guy to.

Step Thirteen
With this guy saved lets get back your old brushes. Open up the brush menu again and once more click on that tiny arrow in the corner. Find and select "Reset Brushes".

Step Fourteen
A new window will pop up asking if you want to discard this current brush or keep it.
Select "Append" which means to keep and now you have all your old brushes back plus your new brush.
Things to be aware of
This will not reload all of the brushes that you have collected over the years if you are one of those people. You have to go through and mainly re-add them.

Now that you Have all that out of the way have fun with making brushes!

blue flower

As always here is your badge if you have successfully completed this tutorial.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Butt End Fist

So everybody knows what tomorrow is right? *looks at all of you blog readers* Its tutorial day!!!! Lol, the one day out of the month (which seems to always be sunday)in which I post a tutorial in photoshop. How ever this week I have been getting all sorts of questions about dreamweaver, flash, and as always photoshop. So I am making tomorrow an open tutorial day. Which also means I am open to requests today for anything that you guys want the tutorial to be one. I'll basically pick one out of a hat and then go from there. Since I post my blog on like 3 different sites that means hopefully I get a nice well rounded set of things people want to know about programs.
In other news I am feeling kind of like a twat for telling my ex to shove off. Today is their birthday and their horrible new girlfriend didn't do a damn thing for them. Which yes I know I should roll around in the idea of it and giggle every four minutes about how much more I rule than everyone else and how I am perfectly awesome....but I can't.
So needless to say I think I will shove out a card or something for their b-day. Which makes me feel like I put my foot in my mouth and then was all fist-ta-cuffs and being a ding dong wanger. I guess more of a "butt end fist".
ALSO!!! I have goodies for you guys today. I know when I tell stories you guys are like there is NO WAY you fooking played in a bad or took photos for them. So I am posting a few of the photos from last weeks show today :)

The Dirty Flaggs





Friday, January 16, 2009

Death of a Quilt Woman

I spent most of yesterday talking on Etsy which for once wasn't by accident. Etsy has this tiny little hook that she likes to stick in you and every time you try to walk away from her she slowly reels you back in. So yesterday I was hook free from my Bad Mistress and got to chit chat with a few new people. In that respect I ran into a certain Etsy user who's banner was made by my ARCH NEMESIS. So of course without thinking I made a new one. Thats is when the lovely Littlepapoose was like you know "If you walk up to her and tell her banner looks bad it would be like being a plastic surgeon and walking up to people and saying 'I'm a plastic surgeon let me help you'" Which was an epic statement so operation crush my ARCH NEMESIS'S balls was on hold...well in this case their wig wom hut.
So instead of today this being an all new awesome banner you get to see the banner I was going to give to the person minus their name. I changed it to something more "fitting". Also I got to spend some of my night talking with Ultra Punch which was completely awesome. I got to see his 360 avatar which actually was an inverted black man. Lol, which I loved.He then told me mine looked more asian than anything. And I was like you have no idea how hard it is to dress female avatars in this piece. Lol. He sadly though doesn't have any of my games so we couldn't play anything. So I guess I might get guitar hero 3 but I really think he should just get Rock Band and not be sooooo lame.
I also got an awkward call this morning from the ex asking if I got them anything for their birthday. Now I am a very logical illogical person which means I make no sense but perfect sense at the same time. So I thought wait didn't you leave me for an 18 year why would I have gotten you anything? Hmmm, maybe I am being too logical lol.

Death of a quilt woman:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eh Mhm...who?

I am one of those people who are all about the idea of "The Hunt". You pick someone or something and then you get it. Which would be awesome except for due to the fact that when I get it I am like soooooo...*looks around and sneaks out the backdoor*
The only thing I haven't run out on is my business lol, but give it time and someone else will be running it for me.
With that being said there are a ton of projects I have started on and never finished. None of them business and always personal. I have a folder on my computer that literally says "Eh Shrugs" which means I might get to it later but doubt that.
I have half finished animations and a website for my business that I update only because I don't like bugs or quirks but its pretty much not finished.
So today I finished an "Eh Shrugs" banner. I used 100% all Clem photoshop brushes and I am proud to say this "Eh" is now an "Mhm". Lol, only problem is my watermark kills this beast. Still looks awesome I swear!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sheep in Clem's Clothing

I got to Skully's last night and set up Tyler's drumkit. Except I was going to be playing it for him. I haven't played real drums in 6 years so I set it up like rock band drums. Lol, it was the only way I could remember how to hit what.My hands were shaking and I didn't know any of the bands songs they were like "You listen to our music all the time." Correction you play your music all the time and I tune it out.
I shook my head and started to play. I have never felt more shy in my life. Who was this sheep in Clem's clothing and why were they stealing our glory? (our as in...well you get it lol)So I definitely felt awkward and then when I got into they would stop a song and go on to the next one. It was only sound check but it was like GAH!So while playing I realized they need more r&b rythym. Lol, but it was a good time.
At about 10 is when Tyler finally got there to he definitely did what he's good for. There was 2 bands before them and not a one of them stayed to the end, which was sad. They made them sit through all of their whine singing and drawn out playing and not a one stayed through their set. The show was a bust. The band was falling apart because they dont practice enough and the snow gave them an empty room of folks to play to. They made 180 dollars and 150 of that had to go to the sound guy. Needless to say they lost out big but it was experience...I guess. In my real band (my rock band) I dont get less than five stars.
I on the other got to take a ton of pictures while Tyler played and now I am cleaning them up in photoshop. You never notice how bad someones acne is until you are cleaning it up. In other words I am going to stroll through the world of Etsy full speed today so look out for me :)


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weighing Opitions

Today was one of those days in which I refused to move from my bed. I kept saying I want a break! My phone rang, someone knocked on my door, and it was just too cold to get from under the covers. I know what you are thinking "Clem you own your own company and all you have to do is design things from your house and only leave for meetings." And your right, but in that respect give me the benefit of the doubt I am latched onto my computer and internet as if it were necessary for life. Which in my case it is because thats how I pay the bills. Between emails of clients and emails of people who might become clients I am on Etsy chatting with potential clients and networking to no end.
I originally felt like I did nothing in my day. Like all I did was sit around and play video games...which was true but not quiet. I would work for x-amount of time and then while waiting on responses I would play Rock Band or Tropico. I would stare down at my hands and then whack myself a good one for not trying harder to build up my own company. Its just my brain couldn't wrap around how to try harder and how to increase my earrings to more than 500+ a month.
I started on redoing my website and I even built up a new color scheme and it just wasn't good enough. I started again and again and now I am also done but there is forever a piece of code that doesn't work or an image that takes too long to load. Constant saving and unsaving. My sleep schedule has become insane because I am always thinking always pushing. Needing newer brushes and cooler banners for Etsy.
Yet I can't stop. I love building websites, I love seeing someone buy one of my banner designs off Etsy, and I love networking. Its like a bonus to no end to be able to do things I love. Yet today was one of those days that I didn't want to. I didn't want to log into blogger, etsy, yahoo, myspace, twitter, and mycraft. I just wanted to stay in bed and maybe have some chips.
So here I am lol. At work but I am way happier after watching this...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blog What Not?

I looked into blogger today to see that I am currently not following any blogs. Which I find highly impossible because if you follow my blog I follow you. I live in the world of 50/50 equals happiness for all so I don't know where all my blogs went.
Now before this happened I was going to be all happy and filled with cheer about the snow last night, but now not so much.
I went outside last night wearing a pair of shorts, jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, a short sleeve t-shirt, a hoodie, a coat, gloves, and a hat to find that it was snowing. Now I did not know it was snowing I just assumed it was cold because I could feel the draft in my apartment. As I walked I felt like a little kid wishing that I had worn my boots out so I could play in it. The snow flakes were HUGE. Like the kind where you hold out your tongue and every single one hits it without you having to chase it.
I almost went back into my apartment to get my camera and then I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. Which is A. getting a bag of ruffles and B. getting a chicken corn dog. Lol, so on my way back I looked up at a the tree I had passed on my way over and just kept thinking. I am going to blog about this. Okay, mindless chatter over here is a new banner design. Using 3 yeah thats right 3!!! Of my new brushes. I am slowly working my way into liking them.

Wooden Clock:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pride and Wallpapers..sounds like a fun store

I spent most of yesterday helping out my sister with some of her business stuff. I found myself doing that thing where you are like wanting to bang your head on the desk but you don't want to help yourself. The problem is that I was trying to help her online instead of in person. So how I would describe things would leave her saying "What...nah I don't see that." So there was a lot of screen shots being taken on my end. All in all though I can say that I am super proud of my sister. She has been talking about doing her own business for a while and she hearing how excited she gets (via yahoo messenger) is awesome. I got her Myspace, blogger, and sadly she got angry at twitter and beat it with a stick and then got dinner...but other wise an awesome experience :D.

Also I am really excited about January's Desktop. I loved it so much I put it into widescreen format for my computer and currently am enjoying it. Eventually my link will lead to the website which will give you guys more choices on desktops but for now while I finish the redesign and work out all the kinks (mainly the video page)it will still link back to my photobucket so you can steal it from there.

January Desktop


For my sister :)

Etsy - Blogger

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Graveyard Shift

So I have definitely been staying up till like 4am in the morning. Sometimes I try to go to sleep and find myself just making brushes. So last night I went to a concert/show at Skullys in Columbus. I got to see the Phantods which is completely awesome because I went to school with Gretchen and she is oh so talented. I would love to be a photo major with an amazing voice...instead I was a time based major with an obsession with Guitar Hero for 2 years.
So anyway I am there with part of the Dirty Flaggs (yes I roll deep in bands lol) and the lead singer is from South Africa and has this cool accent that sounds british and australian together. So he is talking to a few of the other bands there and he gets to see Gretchen and he is like "Ooooooooooh, she is kinda cute who is that?" And I am like dude thats Gretchen and so after the show Victoria introduces him to her and I can just her Gretchen's face. I am like Oh no! The accent has got her.
Oh those lucky English, British, Irish, Aussie, and apparently South African people with their accents.
So anyway, we starting dancing and it was awesome. I found myself cracking jokes with Andrew about V's dancing and it was well worth it. So now he is going to come out dancing with us. Now by the time we leave it is 3 am. I am hungry like that type of hungry that suggests you need to eat NOW.
So we go to TeeJaye's which is like down the street from my house and it was disappointing.. food was sup-par. So it is now 3:40am and V is in my house trying to print things and I am like GAH, sleep zombie. She finally leaves and it is near 4 somethingish and I am done. I pass out to have myself lovingly woken back up by V seven hours later and I am like...Who is this? Why are you texting me. Needless to say I think its time to get off this graveyard shift because waking up at 11:30 am isn't work productive and it also makes me look like a dingus when I respond to phone calls or text messages.
Also tomorrow is my day of the month to give you guys a free desktop background. So be prepared for free goodies from Clem. In other news if it cant fit your desktop remember you can send me a message or leave me a comment and I will send you a new one :)

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