Sunday, July 19, 2009


I complete forgot to write a blog the past two weeks. Before it was just me being now its just because I don't know what day it is. I even got a few emails that were like "Hey are you still alive?" The answer to that question is yes I am alive and I am feeling rather Napoleon-esk.

I've been running on a different frame of mind and I different type of energy and although crazy as that might sound its great. Its great to be moving forward with the pub/brewery although we still don't have a name for it. I sent out most of my stuff and I am waiting on a response from a few people on what I need to fix where to make sure that the funding for the pub is secure. $200,000 of debt and dreams here I come!

In other news I knew that I would somehow mess a few things up! So I am prepared with July's new desktop already for you. This one is now in standard monitor form but! If you would prefer widescreen leave me a comment or send me a message :D
For some reason though it is on photobucket which is odd but eh. I'm rolling with it :D


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woozle Woo No Zle

I had an awesome Father's Day and I am hoping everyone else did too. Now that I have said that today is the first day that I start training for the Pub/Brewery in the form of being a Cafe Manager. Lame I know right but I actually need to build my resources and customer handling services. I can't just send the person at table 4 an email to apologize I have to be face to face with them and offer them a free drink or meal on us sometime. So as long as I am hard at work being insanely insane I am still going to run my graphic design business too. That means outside of etsy and on etsy you might still randomly see me pop up.
Or if you have my yahoo you will still see me all the time. There are so many projects that I do at once anyway that it doesn't matter. I love micro-managing myself and games. So this wont at all be extra for me. It will just make me semi-normal. Lol, with that being said here is some pretty for you pretties....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bom Bom Wallpaper!

Lol, I haven't posted a wallpaper or tutorial since oh idk February and with that being said I have to step up my game. Get back in the saddle! I may not write a blog every day of the month but I can at least do it 2-3 times a week. Its not that I HAVE to but I SHOULD. It keeps my vocabulary strength strong and helps me with laying out designs and showing you guys what I have been doing.
If you've noticed around everywhere my design has changed again. The last design seemed to be lost in translation so here I am with a new one. I really like this new one and think that I might keep it for a while...or until I get bored. I have to update the website but haven't had the right layout for it yet. I have been building different ones and I think I found one that works so expect to see me writing about that soon.
So with the new design I am trying a ton of different techniques most of which you will see in the new backgrounds. Normally the background is random but in this case its just a ClemArt background except its only in widescreen at the moment. Let me know if you need it in a different format other than that enjoy!

get the widescreen version here

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a thought

I was clicking through blogs and I saw that Leah had posted a picture of her son in a power rangers outfit. I remember when I was growing up my mom actually made the customs for us. The Power Rangers one that is. I remember one year being the green ranger and next the white ranger. I was always up on the latest Power Ranger trends but I mainly picked those characters because I thought the guy playing it was hot.
Turns out that the character in the show turns into a Doctor who would have thunk eh? It got me all nostalgic. So I think that I should do something very fun and playful artwise. Maybe make a blog background or draw on graham crackers. Who knows!
In other news operation brewery pub is going well I think. Spent 98% of the weekend working on the business plan and its looking like some back robbing is in order. Other than that everything is shaping up rather nicely.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Spray me away

GWAR! I can't not post a blog. Lol, I love following myself. Its like a personal stalker who knows you but not really. Lol, anyway how is everyone? Span-fucking-tacular I awesome? I myself am in a happy mood. The whole Justin staying with me thing is going well especially since we technically only spend 4 days with each other. I get my time while he is at work and he gets his time while he is playing world of warcraft. I also harass him daily regardless which keeps me in shape for the "Harrass-a-lympics".
In more business news I write for Indie Columbus but haven't written anything. I am too busy being Clem for that. I barely find time for the U-Weekly articles. Lets see I own my own business, I'm a freelance writer, and I am opening a pub/brewery...wait whats that you say?
For the past month me and Justin have been laying down the ground work for a pub/brewery. When things are official official official we will run around screaming "we are the champions" while drinking Vernor's and slapping people on the back.
In other less trendy news I am still designing just less now. I had this big push and then I was like eh *shrugs shoulders* and I began to focus more on the pub/brewery. Also I am trying to work out my amount of social interaction. I seem to be a binge social. I will go out for a whole week non-stop and then spend months just relaxing in the shade. The problem is I miss alot and should probably get my hiney into gear.
So expect a few new things in my shop as soon as I figure out what they are going to be. I randomly throw out ideas to Faeried Treasures and she is always like "Bologna, Chicken, and Red? How is that a background." Lol, needless to say my thought process is not so great.
Also I broke my Hairspray disc! I am doomed!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last night I went to a meeting of the minds more or less. These guys were high players in Columbus and here I was the recent college graduate with a business and another one on the way. I was the only one there who uses a pc and not a mac and I was also the only one without an i-phone. I was completely out of my element and it was like panic. The conversation was so well intertwined about things in Columbus and I was like *eats cheese square*. GOOD GOD WOMAN, am I not a young professional??? Have I fallen off the map?????
That whole idea and panic sensation carried into my dream world in which I had nerdmares. I for some reason had designed Justin's new site and people were asking "you aren't going to keep it that way are you?" or "Looks kinda first rate" and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!
So other than that you guys can check out my testing ground for blog backgrounds. I change the background once or twice a week and I test out color schemes and formats. Which in this case is a way for you all to preview in a more direct way. Currently I am testing out a few steampunk inspired ones. The ones I like will go up in the shop the ones I dont like you will only see once on the blog and probably never again.
steampunk concept

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Clem Racer Go!

I've started putting up the new stuff in my shop. If you guys notice I added two blog backgrounds and there is more on the way. You can expect to see new banners and new banner sets also. So that gives you a bigger chance to expand from blog to shop. I also going to put back up the listing for card design and a few other goodies which is also a general plus.
I got my package from Auntie Dis today and loved my candle! I even left her some feedback that went a little something like this:
"Oh, whats that? Amazing? Oh yes it is very amazing. I love the way my bedroom smells and the way she gave me extra goodies and I also love her so that works too. Amazing and if you dont agree something is wrong with you....horribly wrong with you."
So that means its the honest to Clem truth on how awesome it is. I got a sample of the Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper and when this Cactus Sea Salt runs itself down that will be my next grab.
koi fish bg

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funky Fresh

The new design is up and loaded everywhere....except for to the Myspace but that doesn't count because I don't really use my Myspace. Which makes everything even more exciting! I like the way this looks the khaki and white layout with hand-drawn letters and water color faded effects *squeels with glee*
I went to the zoo today and it was awesome. I also went to burger king and it was disappointing. When did burger king become disappointing? I get some stellar packages from Auntie Dis and Heathen's Hearth come Monday! If I dont get them Monday I will go on a rampage of unawesomeness. Speaking of which who hear is going to the Eco-Craftacular in Columbus this weekend? Its hosted by all of the Etsy people from Columbus (minus me) lol which is why it is unawesomeness. I went to fill out the form for team etsy and it was like trying to get married. Wanted me to go on dates and participate in our social actions. I just met you!!!!!
In other good news tomorrow is Mother's Day which for me means I can finally turn over my store stock and upload completely new works and purchases for you guys. Which probably wont happen until Monday when I have the time to upload and update.
So hopefully I can get the blogger packages up and running for you guys :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Is wherewithal a word? It must be...what does it mean. I should probably look it up before I make it a blog title but I wont. Anywhoot....
So it seems that I thought I had been updating my blog but hadn't. I told you guys last time about how I watch myself and wonder why this person never updates? Well I did it again. Except this time I remember telling myself to update and clicking on my blog and then insta fail.
In other news YAY! My re-branding of myself is in process. A few of you may have noticed that my shop has changed and my website home page has changed. Next is my blogger banner and icon followed by my twitter background. I am really immersed in this one so its exciting. I am sure the whole blue print steam punk thing was cool for a while but its time to let that trend go.
I am going to the Cinn Zoo Saturday YAY! ZOOOoooooooooooooo. Which means road trip and some good time with friends and the animals. Also *looks around* Star Trek comes out. I know I know I know nerd alert but its not even that. I saw Wolverine already and now its time for a newer more cooler version of everyone except Spock and I cant wait to see the movie.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

For the fishes

I just broke my ipod shuffle charger. Which leaves me the opitions of a. buying a new one or b. shelling out 56 dollars and going to the pawn shop and grabbing my ex's ipod touch that I bought for them oh way long long ago.Decisions decisions decisions.
In other news how is everyone?
I got that gig in Arizona doing posters/flyers for bands but its kinda lame. The guy has no idea what he is doing or how to go about it. I spent 25-30 mins the other day fixing someone elses photoshop mistake and then its like the ugliest piece of design work. But thats not my place. All I know is that when someone doesn't know what they are doing it makes it harder to do what you do.
In more exciting news(things dont make me gd monkey balls)I am working on operation blog backgrounds and they are looking pretty nice. Now all I have to do is actually put them up on etsy for you guys to like buy them or see them.

Here is a little preview of one of the backgrounds:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well now your world is mine

So who has seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog? You? You? Come one out of the 100 people who read my blog surely someone is as big of a nerd as me! Nope? No one? Thats cool. Lol, regardless its amazing. I have seen it twice and Justin plays the soundtrack in the car sometimes we are going somewhere.
Its fancy pants classy style musical and since I love musicals it all works. So thats what I have been doing in my free time. Hanging out with Justin and smoking a hookah. A honey dew melon smelling hookah. Anyway hookah around these parts is considered a social gathering function so Justin and I built one. It is omega awesome. So people come over and play video games and we smoooooke it.
Also as far as graphic work goes I may have a gig in Arizona (freelance of course). I am making music fliers for bands I could care less about but its all good. I like expanding my portfolio and graphic prowess.
In other news I made a few demo fliers to send out and we shall see how that goes. Also I am getting into making blog backgrounds for peoples bloggers and live journals so if you like to change your blog just as much as you change your etsy shop banners or your wardrobe.
Also I have had a huge increase in twitter followers which means I need to become more active again. I will try and start posting more of my current work and what I am working on and show you guys what I actually do in real life.
My favorite song actually spoils the movie for Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog so dont watch it if you might watch the movie. Lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

Skeleton Boy

I have been playing Skeleton Boy nonstop since I bought it yesterday and I like it alot. It gets me pumped up and I am all singing and grabbing at my clothes and acting like I am on stage. Good fun good fun indeed.
Anyway I am wondering what everyone is doing for Easter. Who's spending it with their families and who is spending it online on Etsy? I got a lot of questions about whats going on with Blu and for that I will update Blu's blog which you can find here.
I have a story to write to complete my weekend and I am heading to Katie's for Easter. I may even get some snugglies before then. Who knows.
Me and V just played Rock Band for like a billion hours and it felt good until my butt cheek collapsed and decided it didnt want to be a butt anymore. Lame on its part. So we stopped playing and got some nasty Little Ceasers pizza. I remember when Little Ceasers was amazing. It had a certain taste and smell and you just felt excited to have it. Now its like OMFG *spits out chunks of pizza* What happened to my child hood? Eh, *eats a fake pepperoni*
So whats new with me? Whats new with you? Lol, I actually read my blogs but no one is really updating. Little Papoose talked about her package from Nemesis Production, Heathens Hearth reached 900 sales....I like pudding?
Lol, so I am reading your blogs I swear I just dont seem to be responding. Except I do stalk Mike's Hemp Bracelets and I do respond to his blog...and Charlie Carter should update her blog.
Now that I am done blaming everyone else for me not posting blogs here is some magic for you:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Its not that I dont check my blog or look at my blog but its just that I dont write my blog. Every time I scroll over my name I am like why hasn't this ClemArt Design updated. This jerk! Turns out I am ClemArt Design and I AM the reason why it hasn't updated.
Justin has been crashing with me which is a curse and a gift. If its 3am in the morning and I am hungry no more cooking dinner I poke Justin with the nearest object and say "Food." Thats the end of that and we go grab some of the awesomeness of Columbus. The only problem is now I get what I want which means now I will weigh 3 billion pounds. I also punch him in his butt. Its good fun but I think it might be messing with his "man hood".
I finished a ton of projects last week but they were shockingly all Etsy based. I dont think I have ever had a week in which Etsy took over my clientle. It was odd going through so many emails and most of them saying "conversation from Etsy".
I've done a few new designs and in this case I just haven't posted them. I am about to redo my website so everything is falling into this one category "GET IT DONE". I ran into a website for some local people that do the same thing I do and I died a bit inside. Flash how I hate you but LOVE you so much. I was thinking about doing javascript but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Also I have been having weird crazy dreams the newest was a man who stuck walrus teeth into his sons head and sucked out orange liquid. Everyone keeps asking me what I ate and I dont know if that even played a factor.
Thats from some work I did the past week :). Anyway I am done writing and now I need to read other blogs...and do I still typing?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Wheeeeeeeeee! Hello, my fine non-feathered friends. And to all of you who are feathered I dont think we can talk anymore. It seems you might have some contagious disorder. Shame.
Anywhooooot. I am all abouts my business this past week. I finally broke back into my creative streak and hand sammichs a glory. In other words I made monies. With that being said my buddy Justin is staying with me for a week which is awesome because he is like a giant attention bunny. He is like hey lets watch a movie. Hey lets go push people down at the pool. Hey lets build a hookah from scratch. Oh how I love his government brain.
I was going to photoshop my soap by itself on a beach but that failed. So i am going to make jerky with Justin and then go pick up phantom monies. Mmmm, phantom monies!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm on a DRAGON!

Who wants to go on an adventure through the clouds?

Yes "The CLEM" is riding a dragon through the clouds. Yes, I know right you need that soap right now!!!!!

In other news I am back from my two days off. Lol, I guess they werent really days off considering that all I did was not work for two days. I got to spend time with my friends which is worth alot to me now. Everyone kinda moved away so when they come to visit I put in that extra bit of effort to clear my schedule for them. Yes yes yes, I know I do have other friends but these ones are my special ones. The ones that kidnap me in my pajamas and we stand in Michaels for hours not buying anything.

I also feel like I have been ignoring the etsy portion of my life a bit too much. Sure etsy doesnt actually pay my bills but you guys are all awesome and I have been selfish taking break after break trolling etsy as blu.

So what have I been doing? Flyers and wedding invitations for my real life company which also happens to be ClemArt LLC. Which is fun in itself because not everyone is on their p's and q's in the world. Lol, so its like watching kids run through a candy shop when you get to send people designs and they go "Oh are amazing." It reminds me that just because I dont sell things on etsy doesnt mean it has to effect my real life job. I also cant get enough of the clem on this dragon. Lol, I am so proud of this photomanipulation.


Right now the heathen's of HeathensHearth are having some sort of soap thing a ma jigger about something or other. You can read about it here! I will start promoting it as soon as I do the other 5 billion things I have to do online. And by that I mean probably tomorrow lol. I am going to bang out 4 cd cover designs, 2 church logos, 1 flyer, and drink juicy juice all tonight. Mmmmm, I loves my money!

My inspiration for this manipulation came from the song 'Cloud Age Symphony"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lets have a talk

"Oh why hello there! Nice to see you old chaps.
Jolly good, jolly good. It’s come to my attention
that the soap game is getting mighty fierce, yes
fierce indeed. Between the “Heathens War” and
the “Great Soap Debate” it seems that I have
been shall we say forgotten."

"So why not show the good ol Clem
we all know and love some love? Its simple
really. All it takes is $5.00 plus shipping and
handling no cod’s of course, and you too can
bring me home for the loving of a lifetime."

That is all :D


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can't get any better...oh wait I can!

So whilst being awesome and people bathing with my soap which you can buy here , something amazing happened. The world opened up and spawned the most deliciously cute bracelet from the depths of panda heaven.

ALL HAIL JUPITA! The pandas cried as the bracelet flew up into the heavens of the world and became the must have fashion accessory for everyone and anyone! As the pandas took one last glance at the beautiful bracelet as it left its home a tear rolled down their awesome faces and turned into brownies and diamonds!!!!!!

Okay, first of all Jupita mad love to you for this. I never considered myself fashion forward but now I am...and I will rule the world *muahauahauhauhauahuahauhauahuahauhauahuaha* Moo goo goo guy pan!!!!!
Lmao, thats my cry of evil.
Now if I didnt know any better I think this makes Jupita the awesomeness on my arm since HeathensHearth is the awesomeness in my shower. Its like the world is filled with some much awesome and I cant contain it! My world is exploding into digital orgasms of amazing and its all from you guys!

Also buy my soap! And buy Faeried Treasures soap and then sit in the tub with both of them and then rub them on yourself and then when you get done with that you are going to be dirty in a clean way and its the only way to get clean!!!!!

I have to think of something magical in lucky charms but cooler!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday was yesterday right?

Lol, sooo someone definitely didnt write a blog the past two days and for that I am going to look for this video to explain why I did or did not:

Exactly!!! Amazing!!!!
Lol, anyway here is a new banner for you Love Bones :D
ALSO HeathensHearth is having an amazing sale. None of which involve my soap but still an amazing sale. Also if a person were to buy lets say 1 bar of the clem and then 55 other people bought 1 bar of the Clem it would be awesome...and help feed a diabolical plan like none other...


Also while we are on the subject of Heathens Hearth I was given an award like a bajillion days ago...
7 things I love
1. My Family
2. Money
3. Naughties
4. Pepsi
5. Soap
6. Food Stuffs
7. Water (in lake/ocean/fountain form not that bottled bs)

As you know I should tag like 7 people but I dont want to :P

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ooooh yeah!!!! So if you written a blog in the past 24 hours chances are I just responded to them. I am not slacking per say but indeed just waking up from a much needed nap. I also just drunk an 8oz bottle of water which makes me feel semi-healthy. Lol, anyway I have been busy all weekend and if you talked to me last week Wednesday-Saturday you know that I have been doing alot of partying.
My friends all decided that this past weekend was the weekend to spend with Clem my favorite quote from that was a very bad bad racial joke. Hee hee. I am finally catching up today from all of that which means that I am actually in photoshop today working hard. I should probably go out and get myself a freelance client this week. Lol, I need to make back the money I just spent on 4 days of partying.
*clears throat*
Some of my banners have been on Etsy so long the went into the inactive...old retired bin. Everyone was like just put out the 2 dollars to renew them but I would rather not...wait except for dying bush I will renew that. Lol, anyway I've got new designs coming your way. I have been working on them off and on and sometimes just sometimes I ask some people what they think. Reguardless of which I am sure you all noticed in my store a new addition this past week and it was a Mother's Day Banner. I have lol, I think 3 more of those without me having to make new ones so I think I can rest on that.
In other news Blu Sparrow is getting rid of the Chai Tea Popcorn until fall time. Sad sad sad sad day when my favorite goes away...

Here is a banner!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Soap Babies

Misty of Heathen's Hearth was like "Awwww poor Clem. Being so super awesome but losing the war. " So she flew down on her creamy soap dragon and landed in a pool of my clear soap armies blood and walked across the field of soapy awesomeness to me. As I stood there completely bewildered after the raping my men had received she reach out and offered me a gift. Something so awesome I think I tinkled a bit in my armor.
I stood up and shook the tinkle out of my armor and turned towards my men. In my hand was the glory of war. The battle trophy fit for all of Mc Hardy. Ladies and gentlemen it was SOAP. But not just any soap THEE SOAP to end all battles forever. It was "The Clem". A soap so beautiful and that was both creamy and clear.
Babies were instantly born, men cried, and most of all the women of the land stripped to bathe with this Orange Pomegrante glory. Waterfalls bore new springs for nymphs and fauns to play in. It was amazing.
And now you too can have a piece of this glory! Of this great kingdom of..."The Clem"!

Clem Soap

Now I know I know I know I know(yes I KNOW), everyone was all Clem you lost ha ha. But indeed I am the victor with such a sweet scent as Orange Pomegrante who wouldnt like to smell as awesome as me.

Tonight even Heathen's Hearth is having an sns sale! You know what that means right? If you dont its a saturday night sale which means a chance to buy the Clem at an awesome price
10% off your total purchase of $10 or more and a free lip balm in your choice of flavor for every $10 spent!

Get in on this I command thee!!! Okay if it didnt work for me getting votes I know it wont work now. Lol, but still enjoy the sale!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Clem of Hardy Mc Clear

I lost...with great skills I leaped over creamy soap moats and shot dragons made of creamy soaps in the eye and it wasnt enough. I give in....
Misty the Mosity Cream Girl : 3 billion
Clem of Hardy Mc Clear: .....2.5

It seems that even though clear soap still sells more on etsy creamy soap is preferred. I wonder why?

Anyway I lost so here is my end of the wager. Misty gets a girlie banner because she wanted one and I was like not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. So it seems she grabbed some of that invisible hair ripped it out and served it with a nice cool glass of "Yeah now what bitch!"

SO for you Misty you best use this banner ya hear? Or I's bee comin by real soon...real soon.

heathens hearth

So with that being said wouldnt it be awesome if there was like a soap that was both creamy and clear? One that was both orange and blue??? Like my awesome logo????? I wonder.......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Come on really guys?? Everyone is loving the creamy soap better??? Cause I am shaking my fist at all of you here is the score so far:
Misty: 9
Clem: 2

Lol, you people make me sick! Lol, voting is still going on but you can only vote once of course. I will tally everything up at the end. So if you want you can continue to vote in yesterdays blog or todays. I dont care just vote for me!!!!


So I may have lost day one of the battle but I mean thats normally how the story goes right???????

So whats your pick? Creamy or Clear soap?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I got the most amazing package from Nemsis Productions yesterday. It was SOAP. I love SOAP. If there is one thing that makes me check my bank account for spending money its when I see a soap shop on etsy. I get all oooooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaah. And then I am mmmmmmmm.
So needless to say I used like two bars because taking two showers a day makes sense when you have insane amounts of soap. I lathered and scrubbed, danced and loved, and used...used a little too much soap. Lol
So then I got into a discussion Misty of Heathens Hearth and I told her that people prefer clear colored soaps and she told me that people prefer creamy soaps. We both stated our cases but it does neither of us any good I needs some help!
Lol, or you can vote for her I dont care, either way which do you prefer?


THIS IS CLEMART!!!!!!!!! *kicks a man made of creamy soap into a gape'n pit like in 300* Clemartans!!! What is your profession?
*crowd of awesomeness says*
Lol, okay I am getting carried away.

But seriously leave a comment. Which do you prefer creamy or clear soaps?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay Yeah

I did not post the rest of the tutorial yesterday as everyone has noticed and if not then *shakes fist at you*. Also Saturday was my 100th blog post. YAY, lol. I am just dragging abit of arse as of late. A funk I am sure I will get out of. Doing my real life job, My Etsy Business, My other etsy business, lol and my freelance writing gig is starting to take its toll. Which is odd because for all versions of what I do I pretty much have to sit on the computer all day. Well today maintenance finally fixed everything at a classy 8am in the morning which when you go to bed at 3am is not such a great time to wake up to.
I filled out my college loan shotna in order to avoid them raping me with a late fee. Lol, oh school why did you cost so much. 9 more years and 9 more months and I can say goodbye to you...unless I become a millionaire then you could kiss my arse today. *Stops and listens to her neighbor blaring a ton of music*
Lol, so this is how I am starting out my day. Post office magic followed by business banking hold the lame sauce. Lol, I have to run to chase sometime too. GAH. I think by now everyone in general has run themselves a wee bit ragged which is okay with me because then we can all go crazy together :D. There could be like an Etsy insane asylum.
With that thought I leave you...I cant remember if I have a banner to go here or not. I know I have some but they are all holiday themed. Womp womp

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day Two Requested Tutorial

Okay so today we get to build our page in photoshop and also we get to learn how to cut things.

Here is our image for the day:

First we want to make a new document. So you are going to make it 750x whatever the number you want it to be. The reason why we use 750 is because it is the size of most standard monitors for people who have not yet switched to widescreen which is like 65% of America last time I checked (which was a year ago) In this case mine is 750x1000.

From here we go ahead and make a new layer and save our document in the "source" folder we created yesterday.

Alrighty lets get out web header/banner that we made yesterday open and drag it into our new document.

If you followed my format yesterday everything fits like a hand in a glove...hmm I should probably use a better analogy. Anyway from here we want to select the eye dropper tool. Our banner lets us know the colors we need and the style we want to follow while building the rest of our page.

From here lets select a color from our web header/banner. The good thing about this is that you are using colors that already exist in the document to make it stand out more for the web.

Now from here you can put in a shape with that color. Make sure to make a new layer so that you can keep everything seperate and perfect for moving and saving purposes.

I personally know that on the sides of this website I would prefer to have feeds from other websites. So I take the time to make space for them. I start of by making a guide line. You can make a guide line by:
clicking and dragging on the rulers on the side of your photoshop document.
If you dont not have your rulers open you can go to the "view> rulers"
or you can hit
ctrl+r to bring them up
From here I draw my shape on my guide line to make sure it looks perfect.

Now this is a decision you have to make on your own. Do you like the shapes placement? Is the color to dark or murky? In my case this brown although looks tasty but is too dark for what I need. I grab the gradient tool and fade it into the background. You can leave your bar the way you want it or nit pick as much as you like. I am not rushing you in this tutorial :D
If you use a gradient notice that in the top left hand side a new panel will come up showing your gradient colors. To pick a new one or change your gradient you can double click on that open window.

With everything all fancy looking and pretty lets open up that new image I provided for you and drag it into our document.

Our reason for this extra image is to keep the page from being too plain jane. Sure its fine to just want a banner and a color but does it really define you?


From here I free transform the layer to a bigger scale and match it to my guide line that I made earlier and then fade the opacity. If all of what I just said to you was a jumble you should probably start off with my other tutorials:

Alrighty from here I make a few side bars our rectangles to represent spots that will be filled and what wont. In the process I use guides to cut my image. Make sure your guidelines fit the way you want the site broken up. Tomorrow we will be using tables and its important to follow your guides.

Okay with our guidelines drawn lets select the rectangle marquette tool from the tool bar.

We are going to use this guy to help select just the sections we need for saving out. For the demo I selected a larger section to show everyone the break down. I would suggest not cropping the banner though get everything below it. Make a box with the tool that follows your guides. SAVE NOW just incase of accidents. Now click "image > crop" and lets get this baby down to size.

Continue to crop the image or do a single crop depending on how you follow this tutorial and lets get down to those little bars on the side.



Now that we have gotten down to just this little guy lets learn how to save things out for the web. Click " file > save for web"

Remember how yesterday we set everything to maximum? Yeah lets not do that today. The reason why is because in the left hand bottom corner we can see a set of numbers that tell us how long something will load on the web. When it comes to websites this is very important.People dont want to wait for 3 seconds for an image to load. So lets take this guy down a huge notch.
For text and simple colors 98% of the time you can turn it into a "gif" which you probably saw on the drop down menu yesterday. You can also you "png8" or if actually using a "jpg" is quicker use that format.
The resolution of the image will continously change depending on what you select. Just like with a jpeg you can change the level of quality with a gif or png8. The selection for this is in color numbers though. There are 256 visual colors on the web and you can pick anywhere from 1-256 to get your image down to size. Remember though we dont want to give up quality for time either so lets make sure this guy looks good but loads quick.
From here cut up the rest of that side bar and save out the little boxes and the side panel. All of these guys should be saved in our "images" folder that we made yesterday and named accordingly to what they are.

NOW! Lets move on to our banner and cutting it. Remember yesterday how i had you save out both banners? Well this is why. Open up both banners and lets drag on into the others window:

Lets make sure they are even and lets start to draw our guide lines for cropping on them. In my case I split the banner into 4 across and 2 up. If you made a funky shape yesterday its your job now to make guide lines for it appropriately.

Okay so now its the same idea from before. Lets pick sections and crop it down and save them out. Remember to check the amount of time its going to take to load:


Also remember save it in our "images" folder

Now here is the cool part about saving out both banners at the same time and stacking them on top of each other. When you crop down the banner it will be perfect two times which means our size will remain. In other words you can toggle off the eye switch to see the layer below and and save it out keeping everything the same size.
How ever make sure to save them out as the word on them followed by one and then the second one should be the name and followed by two. In my case mine will be saved out as homeone.jpg and hometwo.jpg
img src="" border="0" alt="29">

A cool tid bit. While using this form of cropping your banner all you have to do is go back in your history to before you cropped it and simply move on to the next section and crop and then repeat the process.
To open your history panel if it isnt open go to "windows > history"

Thats it for today. Make sure you save everything out and get it all perfect for tomorrows day in dreamweaver.Here is your badge for the day!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Requested Tutorial Day One

Last month Inkihandmade put in a request for me to show how to build a website. Which is a huge request. Lol, especially for one blog.
Warning!!! If you have not done my other tutorials or are not familiar with photoshop this will sound like nonsense. Take the time to do my other tutorials if you have not.
So I figured out a way to do a many tutorial but it would span into next month oddly enough and take over the tutorial that month so for all of you I present:
Web Design mini-course:

HeathensHearth was awesome enough to let me use them as a guinea pig for this little experiment so here are the files for you guys!





Alrighty first step is to:
Make a new folder on your desktop background:


Next make two new folders inside of that folder:

Name one source and one images.
Your source files will contain things like your photoshop files or flash files. Your images files will contain all jpegs, gifs, and whatever have yous.

After we get that all squared away lets open up photoshop and create a new document. The measurements for this document should be 750x100. Which is about 10 pixels short of an etsy banner:

From here lets create a new layer and get all of our other files open. You can do this by:
a. going through file>open>"file name"
b. drag and drop the files into photoshop

Now that we have our files open lets drag them into the open photoshop document. If you are unfamliar with this step see my other tutorials:

From here lets close all those other guys out and save this booger. We are going to save it in the "source" folder we created earlier under "banner" After that lets start changing the size of these layers.
You can do this by(from layer sizing tutorial)
a. hitting ctrl+t and clicking and dragging
b. going into edit>free transform>and dragging:

After we get everything sized the way we want it lets merge those layers to save on some space.
You can do this by
a. hitting ctrl+e
b. right clicking on the layer and selecting merge layers:

If you like the way everything looks from here you can skip the next two steps. I personally love to add on a bit of texture to things so I make a duplicate of the layer
You can do this by
a. right clicking on the layer and selecting "duplicate layer"
b. clicking on layers at the top and selecting duplicate

From here we select "Filters" from our top bar of photoshop. You can randomly pick anything you like. Photoshop allows you to change the option inside of the setting.

From here I personally select "Paint Duabs" like 98% of the time. I can toggle the numbers to change the size of my brush or the amount of detail I have.

After that I hit okay and head back into photoshop. I go to the opacity button and change the number (from my watermarker tutorial)This gives the layer more texture and feel and it doesnt just look like plain pictures but works of art.

Okay make a new layer and select the shape tool. For this particular exercise we are using the rectangle tool but if you prefer to use a funky shape be my guest but it will hurt you in tomorrows portion.

Now from here you can leave it whatever colored you made it or change it with styles. I have a huge library of styles and some of you might. So for this tutorial you might have to stick with a basic color. If you have a ton of styles this will be a snatch for you.
If you dont have a styles panel open go to "window>styles>and select it" from there your styles panel should open.

Depending on what you decide to do it really doesnt matter but for this step we are going to duplicate the layer with our shape on it to make sure that we have the exact same shape in the exact same position. This will come in handy for our navigation of the website. After you have duplicated the layer if you are using styles you can select a new style or if you are not you can just use the paint bucket tool and change the color.

From here we want to select the text tool. Pick a font you like and add words to the bar we just created. The easiest way is to just line up the words with the picture. So pick 4 words and lets get those babies on our page:

Notice that I created a new layer for all of the text. This allows me to move everything by piece instead of in a huge layer that I might need to edit later due to spelling or me not favoring one thing. If you put the text on separate layers it will also help you.


From here lets select all of those text layers we just made (or for some people layer) and right click on them and hit duplicate.
If you dont know how to select several layers you can:
a. click one layer and the hold the shift button and select the others
b. Just drag around the layers and select them all

Once we get those guys duplicated lets change the color of the text. This will help us also when it comes to creating separate forms of navigation.

From here lets do a nice toggle on our layers. Lets turn off the eye on our original text layer and on one of our layers that has the rectangle(our shape that you picked) and see how our navigation system looks. The one that is all of your original text layers and rectangle that you turn off can be used to represent our inactive buttons (will explain tomorrow) and our active buttons will be the reverse. Look at this combination's now and decide if you like them or not.From here we can add the name of our site. In this case I used "Heathens Hearth"

From here I personally find the text hard to read so I add a white rectangle behind it and fade it to make my text more readable. Depending on what you have done and your color choices you can toggle or mess around until you feel safe with your choice.

From here its just saving out. Now remember that you turned some layers off and on. Keep this combination and lets got to file>save for web or devices
or in older versions of photoshop its
file> save for web
and in even older versions of photoshop
you have to flatten you image

Take a look at your panel on the right hand side and make sure it is set to "jpeg"

Now take a second look and also make sure that it is set to maximum.

If thats the case then remember your toggled choice and name it either "active banner" or "inactive banner" this will save us time on issues we will run into when saving out tomorrows stuff.Also these guys go in your "Source" folder for now.

Okay the good news is this porition of the tutorial is over.


The bad news is tomorrow it gets more wordy. If you had trouble following any of these steps let me know and I can try and help you out as much as I can. Tomorrow I have a ton of running around like a chicken with my head cut off to do so I will upload bigger files to my website for all of you who cant see. Today you have successfully made your navigation here is your badge to put on your blog for completing this tutorial: