Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Woozle Woo No Zle

I had an awesome Father's Day and I am hoping everyone else did too. Now that I have said that today is the first day that I start training for the Pub/Brewery in the form of being a Cafe Manager. Lame I know right but I actually need to build my resources and customer handling services. I can't just send the person at table 4 an email to apologize I have to be face to face with them and offer them a free drink or meal on us sometime. So as long as I am hard at work being insanely insane I am still going to run my graphic design business too. That means outside of etsy and on etsy you might still randomly see me pop up.
Or if you have my yahoo you will still see me all the time. There are so many projects that I do at once anyway that it doesn't matter. I love micro-managing myself and games. So this wont at all be extra for me. It will just make me semi-normal. Lol, with that being said here is some pretty for you pretties....

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Misty said...

Then there's me, who can stalk you on Yahoo, by text or call you...mwaha..mwahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaa