Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Its not that I dont check my blog or look at my blog but its just that I dont write my blog. Every time I scroll over my name I am like why hasn't this ClemArt Design updated. This jerk! Turns out I am ClemArt Design and I AM the reason why it hasn't updated.
Justin has been crashing with me which is a curse and a gift. If its 3am in the morning and I am hungry no more cooking dinner I poke Justin with the nearest object and say "Food." Thats the end of that and we go grab some of the awesomeness of Columbus. The only problem is now I get what I want which means now I will weigh 3 billion pounds. I also punch him in his butt. Its good fun but I think it might be messing with his "man hood".
I finished a ton of projects last week but they were shockingly all Etsy based. I dont think I have ever had a week in which Etsy took over my clientle. It was odd going through so many emails and most of them saying "conversation from Etsy".
I've done a few new designs and in this case I just haven't posted them. I am about to redo my website so everything is falling into this one category "GET IT DONE". I ran into a website for some local people that do the same thing I do and I died a bit inside. Flash how I hate you but LOVE you so much. I was thinking about doing javascript but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
Also I have been having weird crazy dreams the newest was a man who stuck walrus teeth into his sons head and sucked out orange liquid. Everyone keeps asking me what I ate and I dont know if that even played a factor.
Thats from some work I did the past week :). Anyway I am done writing and now I need to read other blogs...and do things.....am I still typing?


Nemesis_Productions said...

Ooo, perty.



esque said...

So that's where you've been: having a man slave to fetch you food whenever. Must be nice. lol

Come back soon