Friday, March 27, 2009


Wheeeeeeeeee! Hello, my fine non-feathered friends. And to all of you who are feathered I dont think we can talk anymore. It seems you might have some contagious disorder. Shame.
Anywhooooot. I am all abouts my business this past week. I finally broke back into my creative streak and hand sammichs a glory. In other words I made monies. With that being said my buddy Justin is staying with me for a week which is awesome because he is like a giant attention bunny. He is like hey lets watch a movie. Hey lets go push people down at the pool. Hey lets build a hookah from scratch. Oh how I love his government brain.
I was going to photoshop my soap by itself on a beach but that failed. So i am going to make jerky with Justin and then go pick up phantom monies. Mmmm, phantom monies!


littlepapoose said...

hmmm is "jerky" code??
*waves to justin*
hi!! hope you enjoy your week o clem!
sounds like good time :)

word of the day: andal
"sometimes i think i need an andal to the head" ...? hmm not sure if thats right..

esque said...

*wants cookies*

have fun making jerky merky with Justin. But don't do anything I wouldn't do.

DeeCee said...

Enjoy the weekend and please feel free to do what Esque has already done.
Best to ya.

hdawnparratt said...

great blog and love to chat with you in etsy :)