Saturday, May 9, 2009

Funky Fresh

The new design is up and loaded everywhere....except for to the Myspace but that doesn't count because I don't really use my Myspace. Which makes everything even more exciting! I like the way this looks the khaki and white layout with hand-drawn letters and water color faded effects *squeels with glee*
I went to the zoo today and it was awesome. I also went to burger king and it was disappointing. When did burger king become disappointing? I get some stellar packages from Auntie Dis and Heathen's Hearth come Monday! If I dont get them Monday I will go on a rampage of unawesomeness. Speaking of which who hear is going to the Eco-Craftacular in Columbus this weekend? Its hosted by all of the Etsy people from Columbus (minus me) lol which is why it is unawesomeness. I went to fill out the form for team etsy and it was like trying to get married. Wanted me to go on dates and participate in our social actions. I just met you!!!!!
In other good news tomorrow is Mother's Day which for me means I can finally turn over my store stock and upload completely new works and purchases for you guys. Which probably wont happen until Monday when I have the time to upload and update.
So hopefully I can get the blogger packages up and running for you guys :D


Michelle at The Quarry said...

I do like the new layout. Can't judge really seeing as I didn't see the old one, but this one is pretty awesome. :) You're right, the hand-drawn letters rock.

esque said...

Diggin the new look. Not diggin BK though. And Happy Mother's Day.


ClemArt Design said...

Why ty Michelle at The Quarry. Makes me feel fancy to hear such things :D

ClemArt Design said...

Awww, bff you know I keep it real. Lol, because thats what clems do!