Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Spray me away

GWAR! I can't not post a blog. Lol, I love following myself. Its like a personal stalker who knows you but not really. Lol, anyway how is everyone? Span-fucking-tacular I awesome? I myself am in a happy mood. The whole Justin staying with me thing is going well especially since we technically only spend 4 days with each other. I get my time while he is at work and he gets his time while he is playing world of warcraft. I also harass him daily regardless which keeps me in shape for the "Harrass-a-lympics".
In more business news I write for Indie Columbus but haven't written anything. I am too busy being Clem for that. I barely find time for the U-Weekly articles. Lets see I own my own business, I'm a freelance writer, and I am opening a pub/brewery...wait whats that you say?
For the past month me and Justin have been laying down the ground work for a pub/brewery. When things are official official official we will run around screaming "we are the champions" while drinking Vernor's and slapping people on the back.
In other less trendy news I am still designing just less now. I had this big push and then I was like eh *shrugs shoulders* and I began to focus more on the pub/brewery. Also I am trying to work out my amount of social interaction. I seem to be a binge social. I will go out for a whole week non-stop and then spend months just relaxing in the shade. The problem is I miss alot and should probably get my hiney into gear.
So expect a few new things in my shop as soon as I figure out what they are going to be. I randomly throw out ideas to Faeried Treasures and she is always like "Bologna, Chicken, and Red? How is that a background." Lol, needless to say my thought process is not so great.
Also I broke my Hairspray disc! I am doomed!!!!!

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