Monday, December 15, 2008

The Earthquake

The sun had become hidden behind a cloud and Julie scratched her head. She desperately needed to get her item posted on Etsy so she needed the sun to come back. Everything was in place and all she needed was just a little light. Her poorly made Kodak digital camera was frustrating enough when there was sun let alone when there was no light.
She looked up at the sky and prayed the cloud would move. "Come on just a little to the left." She looked at her watch. Julie had about another 5 minutes until the kids got home. She would never be able to get the picture taken when they got in the house and she began to make deals with the cloud.
"Come on cloud" she said with her hands on her hips "If you move over just an inch I'll buy you something real nice with the money I make off of this piece." The cloud didn't budge a single inch and Julie became more desperate. She looked down at her watch 3 minutes left. "Well fine cloud! I didn't need you anyway." and in one swift movement Julie kicked her set up for her photos and as they were crashing to the ground something weird began to happen.
Julie's foot was still lifted in the air as she began to feel the world move underneath her. She looked up to catch a reflection of herself in the glass sliding door. She looked like a flamingo she thought, a very drunk flamingo.
Julie hit the ground and felt like she was in a martini shaker. She couldn't stop moving couldn't stop jumbling. She had no idea if it was her or the world shaking. She tried to look at something to get her barrings but the stand she had kicked over was still somehow falling down. Her beautiful crafted work was still soaring in the air. She closed her eyes and screamed very loudly "I didn't mean it!! For F88ks sake cloud I didn't mean it." Her eyes welled up with tears and her hands clutched the grass underneath. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." and with that it all stopped.
Julie opened her eyes and ran her fingers over the ground.
*Clunk* was the sound of her camera hitting Julie in the head. She seemed to have thrown it in the air whilst doing her flamingo dance. She got up from the ground rubbing her head and she saw that the cloud had moved out of the way of the sunlight. As she bent over she heard the front door slam open as her kids came pouring in.
"Mom" "MOM" they screamed. "We just had an earthquake" "It was an earthquake MOM".
She looked down at her ruined set up and then back up at the sky. The cloud had completely disappeared. She pouted sadly and walked into the house defeated. "Yeah" she said "An earthquake."

The Earthquake:

(I am sorry about the whole constant watermark thing. Its really epic without them)

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