Friday, December 12, 2008

White Line

About a month ago I woke up with my chest burning and my stomach very upset. I ran to the bathroom bla bla bla anyway I still randomly get that same chest pain. It turns out that I have a weird form of heart burn that occurs from acid leaping up into when I am sleeping. The best direction I got for this was wait four hours after to eating to sleep, sleep with bricks under my bed to tilt my body downward, and/or lose weight. So I wonder do aneroxic people not get sleepers heart burn?
So if I drop like 100 pounds (which might kill me due to extreme no fat) and put bricks under my bed and wait 4 hours after eating to go to sleep does it really stop or is that just a theory?

Anyway, I have been having a bit of a jumbled month. Like everything I do has a thin white line that says do not cross and I don't see it. I got into an argument about rent hypotheticals and still very much think I am right which is apparently the wrong thing to do because it was that little line of "You have talked to much" that I didn't see.
I tried to be cordial with a bus driver and got bitched out which I guess means don't be polite or so much as talk to anyone because I crossed that social line it seems.
I then found that after I got robbed of one of my works people started deleting me from their favorites on Etsy. I don't know how someone blatantly stealing my banner makes people say "F U" but alas :(

Here is some more stuff from project "Vice Caster"

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