Thursday, December 4, 2008

Up! Up! and AWAY!

I spent most of yesterday building my website. I find it to be true that I have a curse or something attached to it. I can finish everyone elses website 1-2 days. Mine I have continually been building for 5 years now. I can never get it the way I want or some weird coding issue appears. I like seamless designs and I if something isn't connected it frustrates me. So when my website developed a HUGE white gap and there was not a single error in my coding I deleted everything and started fresh. I am now stuck in the world of trying to figure out which banners to put in my gallery. Oh woooooooo is Clemart.
In other news I am on my way to Cleveland. So bon voyage and what not and see everyone in a bit. I am not really feeling like posting a design today. I have a few new happy holidays and a special valentines day one but alas laziness. Lol, I did however post the end of skies for sale finally on etsy so if you guys want to hop on that you should :)

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