Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last night I went to a meeting of the minds more or less. These guys were high players in Columbus and here I was the recent college graduate with a business and another one on the way. I was the only one there who uses a pc and not a mac and I was also the only one without an i-phone. I was completely out of my element and it was like panic. The conversation was so well intertwined about things in Columbus and I was like *eats cheese square*. GOOD GOD WOMAN, am I not a young professional??? Have I fallen off the map?????
That whole idea and panic sensation carried into my dream world in which I had nerdmares. I for some reason had designed Justin's new site and people were asking "you aren't going to keep it that way are you?" or "Looks kinda first rate" and I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!
So other than that you guys can check out my testing ground for blog backgrounds. I change the background once or twice a week and I test out color schemes and formats. Which in this case is a way for you all to preview in a more direct way. Currently I am testing out a few steampunk inspired ones. The ones I like will go up in the shop the ones I dont like you will only see once on the blog and probably never again.
steampunk concept


Misty said...

You and your weird least I haven't been stalking you in your sleep. Weirdo.

littlepapoose said...

i like your gears and whatnot ..
as for your nerdmares, po po clem. they is just a dream! *runs hands throught clems hair*
and dont let the big boys intimidate you.. you is such a wonderful girl..even minus the iphone!
and ps. im a pc and proud of it ;) hehe

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

I too am a pc user with out an i-phone, haha. I like that background, very cool!!! said...

double decent. colors are perfecto'. good job mate!

Nishant said...

such a wonderful girl..even minus the iphone!
and ps. im a pc and proud of it ;

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