Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Awkward Grump

Yesterday my bathroom toilet flooded and caused me a good deal of grief. I mopped it up twice and put what I used to soak up some of the water in a bin and left the bathroom. Every night I wake up at around 3-4am and go to the bathroom. I step into a huge puddle and I am none too happy. I look and the bin is blocking the door and I can't close it and I don't know if it is the bin or not thats leaking. So if I move it a ton of water might flood onto the floor. I look up and Kris is in bed and I don't want to turn on the blaring lights and wake anyone up. So I mop it up in the dark. I wake up at 7 to pee again and find that there is more water on the floor. So now I am none to happy. I mopped it all up and went back to bed and couldn't sit still. I can't thinking about the toliet and the puddles so I got back up at 8 and moved the bin into the shower and then mopped up the rest of the water. I got back in bed and by then I was no longer tired. I was extremely grumpy. A night of no cuddles and wet floors makes me grumpy...who'd a thunk it.

Cherry Midnight:




Oh yeah and I beat Fable 2 but since my x-box isn't plugged to the interwebs who knows what else I am missing :(


Devin said...

I am grumpy when I have a night of no cuddles too.,Plus i hate cold weather

ClemArt Design said...

I am sort of odd when it comes to cold weather. I love snow so if there was anyway to get snow without the freezing cold weather I would be happy...then again also impossible.