Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Story

I live next door to a man who is about somewhere between 65-89 years old. He has lived in his apartment for 50+ years. I have always wondered what could make someone want to live here for that amount of time. His hearing is shot and he has this cough that can be heard a good deal away from where he is. Everyday I can hear the shuffle of his walker on the floor outside of my apartment and the cough follows.
Now there are 2 people who continually visit him. One is a black woman who after banging on his door screams "DOCTOR!" when ever he asks who it is. The other is this black guy who's name is Mike who screams "MIKE". Now the older black guy only comes over to borrow money and return the money he has borrowed and the black lady comes over to give him things, trade lottery numbers, and on the occasion have a real conversation.
So it has been driving my mind bonkers what could have put him there in that room for more than half his life time. He talks on the phone but at 6am in the morning and I find this odd because he can barely hear as it is.
In my mind something went wrong. He had moved to Columbus after a war and came to settle in with someone special but she wasn't there anymore. He ran after her and found himself alone outside of her window watching her happiness pass him by. So he went to an apartment building a buddy from the war had suggested to him and he moved in. He got a job and worked everyday and finally retired when he injured his leg...been down her ever since.

So with that thought aside I wonder what really happened to him. I would talk to him but he oddly smells of weird things and I can't do it. Lol, big kid on campus I am.

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