Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Letter

I ran into a forum post on Etsy that told people they should "flatten" their images in photoshop to turn them into jpeg's and I became frustrated. I posted a new forum talking stating that you don't have to flatten an image to make it a jpeg. I was then stalked and harrased by another etsy user. There are certain times that things just aren't worth arguing about and for me this is one the one thing that urks me more than anything.
I spent a s*** ton of money to know this stuff and I have been doing this for a while. This was my letter in response to the etsy user:

How am I frustrating you?
I am pc user and have been a pc user for about 14 years now. I have always had photoshop on all my pc's and I am sorry about your old mac issue. I have also worked on Mac's for 6 years for work purposes. Mac's have normally run Adobe programs faster and better than pc's after version 7 and are the preferred tool of most graphic designers.
I have been using photoshop for 10 years and its not about whether I have the new version or not which is CS4(btw and not CS3 as you kept saying) the save for web function has been available since version 7.
If you have "Photoshop 6" or later Adobe even says "Memory usage is better on all Windows operating systems; the network should no longer become unavailable when Photoshop is running."
I'm just saying that there isn't really a need to flatten to a jpeg. Just save for web.
I am not trying to make you upset and I understand that Adobe gives out version six for free.
I just don't understand why you are verbally attacking me on the matter. I didn't stand on top of a hill and piss on to your house I was just saying "why flatten". Photoshop is a program that gives you 3 ways to do any one task.
Even if the person doesn't have Adobe there are a ton of other programs they could have but they shouldn't just go around "flattening" images. Thats how mistakes are made.

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