Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Banner Nightmares

Last night I had some vodka butter sauce steak penne pasta. I loved the flavors and how it tasted. It went well with my evening of "House" and "Fringe" and I even had my juicy juice to chase it down. Earlier in the evening I had run into someone else who did banners and I completely fell in love but then in that respect I felt very little. I then realized what made their banners better than my was photo and graphic integration.
So when I went to bed I thought about this alot. I woke up in a state of paranoia. Where was Kris? Why does Kris keep showing me banners? I saw my computer light on and went back to sleep. Why is there an angry Canadian after me....where are the banners? What did I do with the banners? I need banners!!! I woke up again, this time I had thrown everything off of the bed and my fist was wrapped in covers. I turned on my fan to cool me off and passed out. This time is was worse all of the colors and everything from all of the banners I had made were attacking me and I had sold some but couldn't get to the computer and everything was going haywire.
I woke up this time and tried to stay awake. Kris was still on the computer and I walked up to find Kris chatting. So I walked away and got a bottle of water and chugged. When Kris came to bed I went back to sleep thank-ful that my paranoid nightmares had calmed down.

the end of skies:

the end of skies

Another Holiday:

another holiday


earmark said...

those are gorgeous, i love the end of skies banner!

ClemArt Design said...

Why thank-you :)