Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Later Ramblings for Dinner

Today has been an exciting day. With Thanksgiving on its way I have had to start building my website, seeing as how I made an indirect promise without saying yes mind you to have it finished. Whats even more exciting is my articles for the paper I write for are going into print tomorrow and even have been posted on the web for early reading!!!!!!
Now if thats not more than excitement for you I got to take my girl down to Surly Girl Saloon for the first time and also Union Cafe. Its exciting for me because I have talked about it for months and it finally came into play. Love that girl.
I would post designs today but I am kind of stuck in an odd place. I don't know whether to post designs of my website or new banners...
If I decide on one in the next few hours who knows. You might have to check back to see ;)

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