Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday...wait Sunday?

After a long but short ride home...yes I know my use of words is amazing *clears throat*. After a long but short ride home I came in and mauled Kris...literally. After that was done I realized that sleep was a necessary addition to my day. So I went to bed....and 7 hours later wow, look at me. Lol, slept through the whole day. I got myself all nice and situated in front of the tv. I got some grubbage from Kris and listened to fable play in the background. I then went back into my bed. 7 hours just isn't enough. With that being sad Kris was not having that and woke me up. We then got some drinks from Carabar came back home and then I slept some more. Now its Sunday...

Coke Bottle Holiday:

Bird Tree Poison:

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