Thursday, November 13, 2008


I find that waiting on one of my articles to be published is a pain in the a**. I guess its more the idea of if you wont post one article then post the other one. I wouldn't be hurt by that method at all. Its just aggravating when my story gets pushed back so some guy can jack off to the idea of the new bond movie sucking. It wasn't even a real article *rolls eyes*. In that respect I am feeling a bit emo today and probably wont be designing anything because they seem to come out pretty dark. In that respect here are my darker series. My favorite one out of this is definetly x-ray which means I might post it to etsy. The other two will just go in the box of things not posted. Either way the only one I think that doesn't look good is "Blood Clot Envy" yet for some reason I am still posting it. Anywhoot, enjoy :)

After The Divorce:

after the divorce

Blood Clot Envy:




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