Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can't get any better...oh wait I can!

So whilst being awesome and people bathing with my soap which you can buy here , something amazing happened. The world opened up and spawned the most deliciously cute bracelet from the depths of panda heaven.

ALL HAIL JUPITA! The pandas cried as the bracelet flew up into the heavens of the world and became the must have fashion accessory for everyone and anyone! As the pandas took one last glance at the beautiful bracelet as it left its home a tear rolled down their awesome faces and turned into brownies and diamonds!!!!!!

Okay, first of all Jupita mad love to you for this. I never considered myself fashion forward but now I am...and I will rule the world *muahauahauhauhauahuahauhauahuahauhauahuaha* Moo goo goo guy pan!!!!!
Lmao, thats my cry of evil.
Now if I didnt know any better I think this makes Jupita the awesomeness on my arm since HeathensHearth is the awesomeness in my shower. Its like the world is filled with some much awesome and I cant contain it! My world is exploding into digital orgasms of amazing and its all from you guys!

Also buy my soap! And buy Faeried Treasures soap and then sit in the tub with both of them and then rub them on yourself and then when you get done with that you are going to be dirty in a clean way and its the only way to get clean!!!!!

I have to think of something magical in lucky charms but cooler!!!!


NotQuitePhotoJENic said...


CLEM !!!!!

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

That is awesome!

esque said...

Very hawt! I want those panda tears!


ClemArt Design said...

Ha ha, no you rock Jupita!!!!

ClemArt Design said...

:D it is indeed Mike

ClemArt Design said...

Lmao, panda tears are awesome :D

Enviable said...

I love that