Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm on a DRAGON!

Who wants to go on an adventure through the clouds?

Yes "The CLEM" is riding a dragon through the clouds. Yes, I know right you need that soap right now!!!!!

In other news I am back from my two days off. Lol, I guess they werent really days off considering that all I did was not work for two days. I got to spend time with my friends which is worth alot to me now. Everyone kinda moved away so when they come to visit I put in that extra bit of effort to clear my schedule for them. Yes yes yes, I know I do have other friends but these ones are my special ones. The ones that kidnap me in my pajamas and we stand in Michaels for hours not buying anything.

I also feel like I have been ignoring the etsy portion of my life a bit too much. Sure etsy doesnt actually pay my bills but you guys are all awesome and I have been selfish taking break after break trolling etsy as blu.

So what have I been doing? Flyers and wedding invitations for my real life company which also happens to be ClemArt LLC. Which is fun in itself because not everyone is on their p's and q's in the world. Lol, so its like watching kids run through a candy shop when you get to send people designs and they go "Oh are amazing." It reminds me that just because I dont sell things on etsy doesnt mean it has to effect my real life job. I also cant get enough of the clem on this dragon. Lol, I am so proud of this photomanipulation.


Right now the heathen's of HeathensHearth are having some sort of soap thing a ma jigger about something or other. You can read about it here! I will start promoting it as soon as I do the other 5 billion things I have to do online. And by that I mean probably tomorrow lol. I am going to bang out 4 cd cover designs, 2 church logos, 1 flyer, and drink juicy juice all tonight. Mmmmm, I loves my money!

My inspiration for this manipulation came from the song 'Cloud Age Symphony"


Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Nice photo!!!

esque said...

You ride that dragon! But be careful so you don't fall off. That would hurt.

littlepapoose said...

woo woo dragon!!
we missed you to clem a licious...