Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making Soap Babies

Misty of Heathen's Hearth was like "Awwww poor Clem. Being so super awesome but losing the war. " So she flew down on her creamy soap dragon and landed in a pool of my clear soap armies blood and walked across the field of soapy awesomeness to me. As I stood there completely bewildered after the raping my men had received she reach out and offered me a gift. Something so awesome I think I tinkled a bit in my armor.
I stood up and shook the tinkle out of my armor and turned towards my men. In my hand was the glory of war. The battle trophy fit for all of Mc Hardy. Ladies and gentlemen it was SOAP. But not just any soap THEE SOAP to end all battles forever. It was "The Clem". A soap so beautiful and that was both creamy and clear.
Babies were instantly born, men cried, and most of all the women of the land stripped to bathe with this Orange Pomegrante glory. Waterfalls bore new springs for nymphs and fauns to play in. It was amazing.
And now you too can have a piece of this glory! Of this great kingdom of..."The Clem"!

Clem Soap

Now I know I know I know I know(yes I KNOW), everyone was all Clem you lost ha ha. But indeed I am the victor with such a sweet scent as Orange Pomegrante who wouldnt like to smell as awesome as me.

Tonight even Heathen's Hearth is having an sns sale! You know what that means right? If you dont its a saturday night sale which means a chance to buy the Clem at an awesome price
10% off your total purchase of $10 or more and a free lip balm in your choice of flavor for every $10 spent!

Get in on this I command thee!!! Okay if it didnt work for me getting votes I know it wont work now. Lol, but still enjoy the sale!


Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Yay for "The Clem" soap....Awesome!!!

Nemesis_Productions said...

Damn! She beat me to it.