Monday, March 9, 2009


Ooooh yeah!!!! So if you written a blog in the past 24 hours chances are I just responded to them. I am not slacking per say but indeed just waking up from a much needed nap. I also just drunk an 8oz bottle of water which makes me feel semi-healthy. Lol, anyway I have been busy all weekend and if you talked to me last week Wednesday-Saturday you know that I have been doing alot of partying.
My friends all decided that this past weekend was the weekend to spend with Clem my favorite quote from that was a very bad bad racial joke. Hee hee. I am finally catching up today from all of that which means that I am actually in photoshop today working hard. I should probably go out and get myself a freelance client this week. Lol, I need to make back the money I just spent on 4 days of partying.
*clears throat*
Some of my banners have been on Etsy so long the went into the inactive...old retired bin. Everyone was like just put out the 2 dollars to renew them but I would rather not...wait except for dying bush I will renew that. Lol, anyway I've got new designs coming your way. I have been working on them off and on and sometimes just sometimes I ask some people what they think. Reguardless of which I am sure you all noticed in my store a new addition this past week and it was a Mother's Day Banner. I have lol, I think 3 more of those without me having to make new ones so I think I can rest on that.
In other news Blu Sparrow is getting rid of the Chai Tea Popcorn until fall time. Sad sad sad sad day when my favorite goes away...

Here is a banner!!!!!


avagdro said...

Thanks ClemArt,Pretty cute banner indeed.Thanks for sharing.Wish you n all Mom's across the world a tremendous joyful Mother's day.

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Misty said...


Love it!

I am thinking I need to do a Clemartdesign interview on my blog next week :).