Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay Yeah

I did not post the rest of the tutorial yesterday as everyone has noticed and if not then *shakes fist at you*. Also Saturday was my 100th blog post. YAY, lol. I am just dragging abit of arse as of late. A funk I am sure I will get out of. Doing my real life job, My Etsy Business, My other etsy business, lol and my freelance writing gig is starting to take its toll. Which is odd because for all versions of what I do I pretty much have to sit on the computer all day. Well today maintenance finally fixed everything at a classy 8am in the morning which when you go to bed at 3am is not such a great time to wake up to.
I filled out my college loan shotna in order to avoid them raping me with a late fee. Lol, oh school why did you cost so much. 9 more years and 9 more months and I can say goodbye to you...unless I become a millionaire then you could kiss my arse today. *Stops and listens to her neighbor blaring a ton of music*
Lol, so this is how I am starting out my day. Post office magic followed by business banking hold the lame sauce. Lol, I have to run to chase sometime too. GAH. I think by now everyone in general has run themselves a wee bit ragged which is okay with me because then we can all go crazy together :D. There could be like an Etsy insane asylum.
With that thought I leave you...I cant remember if I have a banner to go here or not. I know I have some but they are all holiday themed. Womp womp


DeeCee said...

I think an insanity banner would be nice and fitting for the both of us today. Maybe we should have a "Crazy Party" and cancel the rest of the day due to lack of interest.
Here's (Lifting coffee cup in air) to us both catching up with events.


ClemArt Design said...

Cheers to that *races my glass of chocolate milk*