Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday was yesterday right?

Lol, sooo someone definitely didnt write a blog the past two days and for that I am going to look for this video to explain why I did or did not:

Exactly!!! Amazing!!!!
Lol, anyway here is a new banner for you Love Bones :D
ALSO HeathensHearth is having an amazing sale. None of which involve my soap but still an amazing sale. Also if a person were to buy lets say 1 bar of the clem and then 55 other people bought 1 bar of the Clem it would be awesome...and help feed a diabolical plan like none other...


Also while we are on the subject of Heathens Hearth I was given an award like a bajillion days ago...
7 things I love
1. My Family
2. Money
3. Naughties
4. Pepsi
5. Soap
6. Food Stuffs
7. Water (in lake/ocean/fountain form not that bottled bs)

As you know I should tag like 7 people but I dont want to :P


esque said...

Lol, that cat looked like it really enjoyed that show. And, I'm pretty sure yesterday was Tuesday, but I could be wrong. lol


ClemArt Design said...

Lmao that was me straight up Bff!

My Dear Darling said...

Haha, I thought it was funny when my dog would just face the tv and watch but that cat is hilarious!

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Haha great video. Reminds me of!