Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abandon Ship!

It has come to my attention that I am slacking. Point in case I was playing around in my etsy store today and I was looking at what I was going to deactivate after v-day and then it hit me. I did not have a banner in mind to replace these guys. Sure everyone's holiday guess would be "Easter" problem with that is I made one Easter banner and I chucked it into my pc's trash can. So what next? What now? What am I going to post???? If you read my blog yesterday or even glanced you would notice that I already started on a set of Mother's Day banners but alas for some reason my brain just completely forgot about everything else.
I also have a few articles due for this up coming weeks paper. Lol, what have I been doing and where has the time gone? If you have ever been to the etsy portion of my website you would see that I have a ton of banners that I just dont put up. Like ever...never...oh no! I do more than make banners but for some reason I am limiting myself on etsy. OH NO!
Panic indeed. Everyone climb into the life boat its our only hope *climbs into the boat* Except you! *points out my first mate* You are now captain of this vessel and hereby must stay on board while this ship sinks. That is my last act as captain of this ship! *drops life boat into water*
Lol, and now that I got that off my chest here is a banner lol ironic.

olives garden gate


littlepapoose said...

ok what about that irish day?? st. wait. patrick yeah thats it ;) hehe shamRocks and such.. ok now i want one of those green mint shakes they only serve a micky d's on that holiday. hmmm
and whats up with just banners on etsy?? i mean you should doo list your other graphic thingys.

the end.

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, thank-you littlepapoose I love how forward you are with your statements lol. I will start trying to do other things on etsy I swears!!!!

Nemesis_Productions said...

Yep St. Patty's Day stuff would be good. And why not just do spring type things? With tulips and such. Maybe a cute rainy day one or something. I'm a fan of bunnies, but I don't always go for all the cutesy poorly masqued pagan holiday stuff.

ClemArt Design said...