Friday, February 20, 2009

Safety Dance

I cant express how happy I am to have a ton of blue vinyl...because in retrospect I probably shouldnt have shelled out the cash for it. Lol, the auction got crazy and I was so cheap that I let it get the best of me until I spent $60 a roll on two 200 feet rolls of Blue Vinyl. My pocket shattered but my heart loved...loved me for who I am. Needless to say Clem will be putting in extra work time for the next two weeks because SHE for some reason was too cool for school and wanted two sets of blue vinyl.
My father came down at 7:45am in the morning which in Clem time was about an hour earlier than he should have.I was having weird dreams about the Simpsons. Mr burns was like Wyielelele Coyote and I was all about it. We got lost 3 times because I was tired and couldnt navigate we then got lost in the parking lot of the building we needed to get into lol.
Needless to say two auctions later and a roll of window cling printables I was in like swim wear. So expect to for sure see some window cling ware coming from me. Its going to be all clem-a-fied of course. I wont sell it for 10 dollars on some card stock like SOME people on etsy know who I am talking about!!!!
In other news my crush is sick so give her some love by buying things from me. Lol, love how I stuck that in there right? In other great great news I am in love with Mike's Hemp Bracelets...yes I know it can never be but he is just so awesome. Its like if I ever wake up a man its on Mike!
Also snowboarding coming up soon and a bunch of fun little craft fairs. I am going to post a calendar on that side>>>>>>>>>> of my blog to eventually let you guys know where you can find me. If you want to support someone who I support that gets very little love or attention click here.
Other than that its a wrap....vinyl wrap :D
*plays the safety dance song*
ooooh yeah and heathenshearth last I checked was having a blog give-a-way I did not enter because it would be bias seeing as we are all like cuddle buddies but!!! Everyone else should :)


littlepapoose said...

hahah .. plug insert {here} and i like the story of blue vynil...plug insert {here} and im glad you got it i myself would roll you up in it and take some photos!!

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, oh but littlepapoose(plug) I love you so much (plug) I mean its not like I never (plug)say it

Mike said...

Clemmy, You are the awesome one! And I can't wait to see what you do with that blue vinyl.

Heathen's Hearth said...

Actually we're having 2. :-D Cause we're fun like that.

We're doing the Everything but the bathtub give away that ends this week (the 23rd) and then another one sponsored by Auntidis that ends on Feb 28th :)