Sunday, February 22, 2009

What goes up must come my ceiling

Normally today would be a tutorial but due to recent events I have not had time this morning to make one. As most of you know 95% of my readers lol. My bathroom ceiling fell in...out...caved...hmmm I am sure there are more terms. Anyway this happened at 3am in the morning and I got dicked around by maintenance who still hasnt shown up.
I have a busy day today as it is but now I can't even smell clean for it. Lol, I took a shower yesterday but its not the same I want to take a shower today. So now I am a very pissed and grumbly panda of rage and awesomeness. If this isnt fixed before tomorrow...hell it doesnt even have to be fixed someone just needs to come in and actually look at it you can assume that I am going to be a raging ball of unforgiving Clem...which isnt actually good.

Now let me explain this I dont have a temper problem I just have a short fuse. Now this fuse is lined with gasoline and sometimes just sometimes I explode into a mass of curse words and shaking fists. Exhibit a. would be "dayhomemama" when she called me a loser and told me I make digital crap. I can take a couple of black jokes..the watermelon, the fried chicken, the grape soda...because I actually do like those things but I dont take being called a loser or my craft being called crap too nicely.
Now there are times when I dont pop my lid when someone lights the fuse. I just let it harbor. I am grunge holder so basically what happens is I push it back for another day and when they least expect it I will be there baseball hat and gag in hand.
Otherwise I am a pretty happy person. Lol, I am easily sold with candy and chicken...mmmm chicken. But this is a bit much for me.

So needless to say I am on the road to pissed of revenge. So if you talk to me today and I am a bit moody just ignore that. Lol, but I can say that I am going to a concert tonight right after I write up the ufc preview and turn it in for this weeks paper. I then have to go make some "Chadder Jalapeno" stuff...etc etc etc.

In other news...I have a headache. lol



Jessi said...

Erggh, that's terrible. I understand the shower thing, too; if I don't get a shower within 24 hours of my last shower I get incredibly moody and cranky. So that just makes a ceiling caving in that much worse.

Also I love your digital art :)

esque said...

omg, clem! That sucks the big one! If you didn't live halfway around the country, you could take a nice shower at my place. I even have rubber duckies to keep company.


ClemArt Design said...

Aww thank-you Mopey/Jessi. Lol, its a beast out there in the world lazy maintenance men!!!!!
A girl needs to shower!

ClemArt Design said...

Bff, it does suck the big one but not as big as the dean does at your school. Speaking of which I am sending you something as we speak.