Saturday, February 7, 2009

ARRRRR(new comic page)

Arrrrr, me mateys! I am so not sure how this page came about. Originally the idea was to have the guy shoot the bullet past me and Lady Poosy and for Wood to knock him out. From there I would get tackled and the bigger fight would began. Instead this morning whilst drawing this page I decided to change the story up a bit. To answer your questions just I already had pages drawn out from last time but those pages have to be worked up towards. I think next week is when Green gets to be all ballsy. On other news I am hungry and would really like a nice sandwich.I also dont understand why basic html coding doesnt work on etsy. I will have to fight through that one I guess. I am going to spend most of today building Nemsis Productions Brochure uh...I think? i have the layout made and the pictures gathered now its just time to fill in some crafty words and ship it off :)
See me bigger here




Nemesis_Productions said...

Yay! I can't wait for my stuff.


ClemArt Design said...

Did you check your email?

esque said...

He he! How I love this comic!

And "Tag, you're it!"

ClemArt Design said...

Lmao, thanx for the tag sweetheart.

littlepapoose said...

heheh. im not sure what happening here. imean a big brawl...but who hit wood!!?
cant wait till next week ;)

Kerry said...

ya! Who hit me?? There's gonna be trouble!!! Grrrrr!!