Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm On A Boat

Faeried Treasures completely got me addicted to the song "I'm on a boat" by The Lonely Island and I cant stop playing it. Its like more than amazing...its awesome.
Lol, anyway Time Warner came today and fixed my internet connection and by that I mean he fixed my modem setting. It turned out that my wireless router was set to shut off at the same time everyday which made me think something was wrong with my internet. It shuts off for a minute everyday which in computer time means 10 minutes.
Also maintenance came in today and it was like my favorite guy. He quickly fixed my ceiling and is coming back after lunch to clean up the mess. Like sometimes he vacuums my floor or will repaint the walls. Its like beyond cool when he does his job.I am sure it could be the fact that I have ta ta's that he does that but I like to think its more because I am awesome and less because I am a girl.
In other news I have a new banner for you guys...not going to post it on etsy of course. Lol, I mean I might who knows.
Also Blusparrow is trying to join team eeat which means we need like 10 positive feedbacks so we are having a retarded sale. Click here for more details:

I am not sure about how I handled the text on this one but I think the graphics came out perfect.
Sunflowers and Stars:


My Dear Darling said...

"could be the fact that I have ta ta's that he does that" Lol! Wish I had some where guys would do work around the house for me. :D

Enviable said...

Glad you got your ceiling fixed!!

ClemArt Design said...

Lmao, My Dear Darling if you start throwing around some of your pillows I will be there in a heartbeat to do random housework for you. lol

ClemArt Design said...

Awww, thanx "Enviable" ;P

Mike said...

I need to find someone like that to do work around my place, haha

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, will he get to wear short shorts mike?