Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love like Gold Baby!

I had very weird day yesterday that I am going to skip over simply because of the fact that it is Valentine's Day. I am nerding out today with close friends who happen to all be single. Lol, I wonder if there is a trend going around. We are having terriyaki grilled steaks, some sides, and lovely lovely chocolate cake for dinner followed with a rock band marathon.Even if I was dating someone it would have ended with awesome eats and very nice evening. So my Valentines is going to go perfect to the idea of Clem. I wont be a downer today like everyone else and it makes me giggle that all those people who did plan something special for that special someone is getting dissed by hail, rain, sleet, and snow. So while you may love your love even if for only today the weather hates you lol.

Anyway here is a little shiny goodie for everyone to be all happy about because Clem love is love like gold baby!



esque said...

Gold, baby! Lol Have a great V-day! I'm all out of brilliant things to write, cuz I gots me a cold!


Nemesis_Productions said...

Yesterday was weird for me too, and kind of stupid. I hope I didn't contribute to your weirdness. You know, in a bad way. Because we're both weird, in a good way.

And stuff.