Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flying High!

Today is the official launch of "Blu Sparrow" which is a product of me and Etsy user Morganette. We are actually really pumped up about it and I am sure you guys will be too or at least you can fake like you are :)
So for the launch you guys get this kick ass Blu Sparrow wallpaper and a link to links about links!
Lol, literally everything but fookn facebook! Needless to say I am a bit wired about it. You will notice that trademark ClemArt feel on the banner. We are inbetween designs on the banner at the moment but if you love that one let me know :)
Anyway here is the wallpaper for you guys. Remember if it is not in your desktop size you can leave me a comment and I can make it to the size for you :)

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esque said...

Flipping cool! But I am so jealous, cuz I like collabs! [insert whiney baby sound]. lol


My Dear Darling said...

Lol, I love how you said "you can fake it". I don't think we need to. :D Collaborations are always exciting! Sweet work.

ClemArt Design said...

Awww, Inki. I thought for sure we collab all the time...in bed lol.

ClemArt Design said...

Oh shit My Dear Darling, lol I didnt know you actually read read my blog. Lol, time to step up my "a" game. Thank-you very much for the compliment. I think this might be a worth while collab :)