Monday, February 16, 2009

In My Etsy Inbox a letter from an upset seller

I recieved an offline from my sister showing me that someone was trying to sell the same stickers I bought for a dollar from micheals on a piece of card stock for $10.00 which is outrageous. Its a 1.00 for some card stock and a 1.00 for the a pack of four stickers. So I send this:

"One of your card sets are for sure made from stickers from Micheals. Its really nice work but if people come across it and have seen it they will probably laugh at the price. Its a dollar sticker pack and you are selling it for 10 dollars as cards. You have a really nice store but its a bit over priced in some areas."

She then responds:
OMG, I didn't realize I have to clear it with you before I list my items!!! Oh no, they are all gonna laugh at me, what shall I do, I'm gonna have to close up shop and go hide under a rock!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

First, you sell digital crap, that once you have a program it probably cost you nothing to make digital banners...and when people buy them it's because they themselves wouln't or cannot or will not make them , hmmm, same goes for cards!

Second, what does it matter to you what I charge for stickers I bought at Michael's...did you know that my Big Shot die cutter was $129 and the Spellbiders to cut the scallop circles was $25 and the spellbinders to cut the tags was another $25, and the sheets of bazzill card stock were $1 each, the stickers, $1 too, The baubles, were $3 for a pack and since it's a set of 4 cards, they took about 45 minutes to an 1 hour to cut and put together and not to mention the adhesive and gross grain ribbon , oh and being creative enough to put them together and well, in the end I think it's a bargain and so do a lot of other people... and if anyone is laughing, it's me at you for wasting the time to tell me anything. LOSER!

Thank goodness today is a holiday here in Canada, or I'd never have wasted 10 minutes writing you this note.

So I then respond:
LMAO, wait who has more sales? Awww, I'm sorry did I catch when you when you were on your period? Or is just that the sex isnt good enough. Lol, if I am a loser for trying to suggest some friendly advice then you must be the biggest douche on the planet for thinking I was trying to bitch you out. God what is this idiots day. The next time you respond back to me make sure you pull your head out of your ass and stop fingering yourself. Then I might give a shit what you wrote. Lol, fucking dumb ass

This has been letters from my etsy inbox :)

If you would like to visit this sellers shop and help this bitch get some page views and actually make a sell lol feel free to by clicking here Or if you would prefer to just act like I didnt just curse up a storm and you still love me click here


Heathen's Hearth said...

Wow. defensive much? You'd think with only 7 sales in a year she might appreciate some advice.

as for the whole "it costs nothing to make a digital banner"...ha! some of us pay good money for that cause we are technologically challenged... :-)

ClemArt Design said...

Lmao!!! I know right babe?

littlepapoose said...

ok clem!! your a crazy girl! hahaha.. im not one to drop random critiques into folks mailbox and wait to see what they think of my opinion...but you did it! hahahaha

as for the response..whoa! i mean a simple "thanks but im good"..would have sufficed. but no she had to try and hit you below the belt..
and then you chime the bell on round two! hahaha
like some kind of foul mouthed word ninja just waiting to attack!!
hahah. thanks for making me choke on my was fun.
i have to give you credit though...
you actually posted a link to her shop! hahahaha
how um... friendly? of you
i think you should write her back and tell her you featured her in you blog ;)

ClemArt Design said...

LMAO littlepapoose!!!! Yeah I figured I would let the world know that its hard to be a cunt rag and they need help too!

esque said...

Wow, that was saucy!

Have a nice green tea and don't worry about stupid people like that. Lol, but Poosy is right you featured her in your blog, that's pretty funny!

- bff

Lanee' said...

lol, wow, that was great, i think i'm turned on a little! LOL

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, this is the most publicity she will get all year Inki its the least I could do!

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, Lanee' if you are turned on then you are for sure my type of gal!

Nemesis_Productions said...


(that about sums it up)

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, pretty much Nemsis