Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Forever Away

Amanda had always been a quiet soul. She never asked for anything even when it was needed and always found herself in the worst of situations. She had been waiting on a sign of some sorts as she walked to the park. In one hand her house keys and in the other a note. It was a cool day and there was still snow on the ground that had began to melt. She felt like she had been waiting for this her whole life. She began to cross the over pass and stopped and looked into the river below her and tossed her keys into the water.
A soft plunk noise echoed back up to her and she looked at the sun. Brilliant white light in the sky kissed her eyes in return. She closed her eyes and held the moment in her mind. Every thing around her stood perfectly still and this moment was her forever.She walked down the slight hill and the snow that hadn't yet melted crunched under her feet. She made her way to the river tightly clutching the note in her hand.
Standing at the edge of the river her reflection danced against the water. She slid her right foot in and closed her eyes. Snow was still around the edge of the river and caused the water to be near freezing but she didnt mind.She slid in her left foot and found that everything was becoming cooler. She opened her eyes and she couldnt see her breathe as she breathed out. She took one look around and not a soul was out on this bright blue day.She took the note and ran her fingers around her note to a little vessel around it. She pulled out the stopper and refolded the note smaller and shoved it into the vessel. She replugged it and hid it back under her shirt.The water became a comforting cool against her skin and she smiled.
She closed her eyes and fell in. The river current pulled her under the thin sheets of ice in some areas and bobbed her up whenever she hit the areas without ice. She felt alive in the tumble and tussle and thought of nothing but the river rushing around her. She prayed that the water be the only thing her skin would ever feel. She opened her eyes and saw the ice above her and slid her hands across its surface as she was pushed under it.
The cars passing knew nothing about the woman under them and in the river. The birds who perched on the trees along its edge didn't notice the dark shadow as it rushed under them. The air she once was standing in existed without knowing she had.
As Amanda let out the last bit of air she had been holding something weird happened. Her necklace with the tiny vessel snagged something. She stopped instantly and found herself no longer at peace with her situation. She grabbed at the string of the necklace and attempted to get it over her head. The string wouldn't budge off of her and Amanda put both feet on the bottom of the river. Her head hit the chunk of ice above her and panic set it.She banged on the ice and scratched at it. The sun had weakened the ice and given her a chance of escape by pure luck. As her head burst through the ice the necklace let go and she found herself able to move again. She dragged herself out of the river and sat on its side. Shaking and scared she reached her hand out to the necklace on her neck to see what had caught it. Shining back at her were her house keys. They had gotten tangled on a branch hanging into the frozen river and then gotten tangled on the necklace around her neck.
She stood up legs shaking and wobbly and ripped the necklace. She tossed it into the river and climbed her way to the nearest road in search of help and a ride. As the necklace sunk into the river water it smacked into a rock. A rock 4 times the size of Amanda that would have cracked her open like a coconut. As water filled the vessel the note insides ink began to bleed out. As the words began to erase themselves a piece of the note caressed the inside and read as follows
"For everyday tried, for every second lost, I have always loved you even though you were forever away. With much love......" The water quickly rushed in erasing the name and just as it entered its watery graveyard soft petals flew from a near by car window kissing the sky just like Amanda's eyes once had. The car stopped and let Amanda get in.



littlepapoose said...

isnt it always love!

ClemArt Design said...

I guess, lol. I dont really know. I wanted a story for this banner like all of my other banners and this is what I came up with.

esque said...

So, you're a writer, eh? :)

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, Inki my BFF I am for sure not a writer. Just a freelance published wanker ;)