Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bonjure Brochure

I was awoken by a car accident outside. Its a sound that everyone knows. The crushing of plastic and that skidding of tires that you can feel in your bones. You wonder if someone is hurt of what they hit. Part of you needs to see the mess and the drama unfold even if it is life threatening. I on the other hand rolled over and said "Why...todays Wednesday...wait what day is today? I dont want to go to the auction....what day is today?" *looks at clock* "Its 9am, what day is it????" After about an hour of arguing with myself over what day it is I got up. Its Thursday which means I need to go to the mfn auction. I DONT WANT TO. Its about 27 F outside and I dont want to think. I think of an elaborate lie or story to tell about why I am not there and then give up and play in chat. Along the way I talk to Sojourn Curiosities who tells me "Its snowing outside". I am like snow? What? I look outside my window to find the street covered with ice. About an inch thick which is big enough to cover the whole street up to the curb. There is a man outside who works for the city poking at the ice with a stick. Now he gets paid 15 an hour to poke ice with a stick while I get paid what? Exactly, anyway after about 20 mins of poking he realizes that he should poke harder and then begins to poke harder. Its not an ice pick, its not a spade, and not whale harpoon but indeed a stick.
I sit back down and send the auction an email tell them that I will be over tomorrow morning. Tell a quick sweet lie about my car being frozen in the block of ice. I then call them an hour later to seal the deal and to my luck the construction works outside are literally pulling up the streets to get to the watermain pipe that broke. The perfect background setting for the perfect lie.
In other news I finished my cookies from Charlie Carter :(. Also I got this sweet burn on my tongue from eating pasta that was too hot. It looks like a snake but cooler cause its my tongue.
I also started introducing my real life work into my etsy store. Of course I am still using etsy users as examples instead of corporate identities but whatever keeps me from a lawsuit. Anyway you can now buy custom brochures from me :)
Which is a cool feature because now you guys dont have to ask if I make them anymore. Now you know. "The more you know, GI JOE"
Bonjour Brochure *tips my paris like hat*

In other other news Mike of Mike's Hemp Bracelets gave me this thingie. I am supposed to like spam about oooooh 10...5.....some random number of you all with this to get you to participate more in the community circle and prove that you actually read my blog but alas as we all know I wont. Lol, in other news I still got an award so you can suck it Dayhomemamma!!!!!!!!!!

lemonade stand

If I were to tag 5 people though it would be:
Inkihandmade :P
Lanee Crochet
Auntie Dis
Heathens Hearth (Misty or Amy)

Lol, but you dont have to if you dont want to. For the rules of this whole award read this here


Mike said...

Stay safe and keep warm with all the ice out there!

ClemArt Design said...

Thanx Mike :D