Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Definition


What defines you? I have been wondering about this and I dont know why but I have wanted to ask that. Our fingerprints define us and our hair dna can tell on us but what defines us?
Lol, dont worry this wont become a tag blog from me but just a random question of thought. I spent most of yesterday night creating and laying down some extra ground work over at the sparrow and then I woke up this morning feeling ill. Its called you cant eat 40 bajillion calories of sugar and buffalo chicken and think everything is okay. *shivers*
Anyway back to that defining thing.When people talk about you what do they say? I can be compared to any number of movie characters but what makes you...well you?
Hmmm...btw fat vampires do exist!!!!!
*clears throat*
So this is my summary of me:
My name means kindness in spanish and I am a pretty kind person but I do have an arse-hole stretch streak of verbal sayings. Lol, I love to eat food ie why I probably need to find a way to make myself gold to be truly buddha. I can't spell well but I can design my pants off! I also suck with my english grammar.

But I dont have a definition. What is your definition of yourself? What defines you? What makes you, you?


littlepapoose said...

hmmmm .. good question!
id like to think that its a variety of things that defines each of us.. i mean i could say i love food and am bad at grammer and spelling too... but im not you, so. i think yould have to add in on that.
what defines who i am? i would say a combination of my personality and my past... and maybe a wee bit of dark chocolate ;) hahaha

Mike said...

This post makes me think, and now, I have a headache. =)

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, oh littlepapoose you are indeed a nice bit of dark chocolate with caramel and a cookie.

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, Mike its all part of the plan!