Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Brain Fart

Today I got to chillax for about 20 mins online with littlepapoose and it was awesome. There was laughter and pink stripper shirts and I seriously think I might need to get myself a fancy pair of glasses. Not because I cant see but because it would make me look more dignified.
*sniffs my business sweater* It smells like...well you dont need to know that. Lol, tonight I am going to see Lady Black Smith Mambazo and its going to be awesome. Yes AWESOME. Its all about getting out and seeing amazing things while I am still young. Also I am rather snazzy when cleaned up. So I may come home with a few awesome pictures...oh wait I cant.
The Dirty Flaggs are doing a photoshoot today and have my camera. Lol, wow how did I forget that. I got this awesome letter in the mail today from my Aunt which reminded me that I am behind two times on inkihandmade's postcard. I think we decided on this week but alas brain fart.
Lol, this is the most scatter brained blog I have posted to date and I am glad you read it.
This is one of my original easter banner ideas before I went to the chicks:
old easter


DeeCee said...

Nice to know someone else has days like that besides me.

esque said...

Lol, I bet that sweater smells something fierce! Lol! yeah, your card's late too, may get it sometime next week! :D

Boo, I want to see Clemmy all snazzed up!