Thursday, February 5, 2009


Business all day everyday! Thats the champion way right? They work hard and then play hard. Lol, I have no idea where that came from but it sounded good. In other news its V-day Month you guys and I am sure everyone is "Oh SO Excited". I myself am not. I am more excited about Saint Paddy's Day which would equal me going out with friends and playing games and drinking until we all remember that we have big kid jobs and shamefully go home at 2 am. So with that in mind what does this month have in store? I can tell you what my blog has in store!!!! Lol, this saturday everyone can expect a page or more of "Tales From Etsy Land". I know I know everyone is all excited and throwing their children over board into the ocean.
In other news I found out what the cool feel of ice really feels like. As I strolled down the streets groceries on my back I felt a slight push. By push I mean I fell down lol. Like hardcore on the ice I landed like spiderman...or more like that guy who always lands fist down. Whats his name? Anyway after that event I then leaped up and acted like I was trying to get my cell phone out of my pocket and slid the rest of the way to Chase Bank.
Lol, so with that being said. Anyone else having fun with this freezing weather?

Also I am whoring myself out for the pillow give-away at:
I love those mfn pillows I just am too cheap for my own good


My Dear Darling said...

LOL! You're too funny. GL! :D

ClemArt Design said...

Awww, double ty!!!!!!And I will try my best to stalk the best to get some of your swag. The easiest method would seriously be for me to buy it but why go through all of that!

DeeCee said...

Just think, the month has just begun. What suprises lay ahead?

ClemArt Design said...

Lol, well i think a ton of surprises may lie ahead this month. Its just how many of them will be good surprises???