Wednesday, February 4, 2009

While Brown

I am tired very tired. Lol, but that wont stop me from playing around on my blog/s today. I have a lot of catching up to do and enough time to do it in. I received a call from my Dad this morning saying "Don't go outside! Don't go to Staples." Lol, in my sleepy state I assumed the zombie attack was upon us. It was more or less to let me know that if I stepped 4 feet outside I would have instantly frozen and been but a memory. So all the things I was going to do today has been postponed until tomorrow. Which is good bad. I have a few errands to run for a potential upgrade in designer positions and probably should have braved the mfn cold for it but I am going to trust my dads judgement on this one. He called me at 7am!!!!!
In other news I went to the dentist on Monday and they were all about my teeth. I have healthy teeth but not so healthy gums. So while my teeth equal no cavities and infections my gums equal the dreaded number 4!. When you are in the dentist chair and they check the areas around your gums and teeth they call out numbers. 1 and 2 are good 3 and 4 means its getting bad but if you get a 5 that means you seriously now have to come to the dentist every 3 months instead of 6.
So with that behind me I played with my sisters dog and even got Rallys/Checkers.
So thats the catch up on me. Now time for the good stuff.
I have a new design for you guys. I know how much you love my banners *snickers* and by banners I mean the comic that I drew. Lol, so I am going to post something cooler than a comic. Which would be one of my failed banner sets. I actually drew the design in the background of this. Its 100% clem done but the reason why I Vito'd this design was because I didnt find it cool enough. I am sure someone would have like it but I found it too plain and generic and I didnt feel that it separated my banners from anyone else who could draw and intricate design.

While Brown:


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