Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogger vs Clem an epic battle

For the past month me and blogger have been fighting. My pages wouldnt load and I couldnt respond to comments even though I was clearly logged in under my name. It even got to the point in which blogger thought it was cool enough to not load the word captchas. Which meant I couldnt respond to blogs and that made me hulk mad.
So then Blogger is like whats that Clem? You wanna respond to comments?? SO it gives me a captcha but tells me that it didnt load and that I am crazy.
So now finally to everyone who's blog has been lacking that extra clem spice I have commented. I have ran through blogs and left smart or witty...possibly even boring comments and I feel achieved.
So you can take that Blogger and suck this post not even post.

The score is:
Blogger: 95 Clem: 1

Lol, you may have won the battles blogger but I will win the war!!!Also if anyone owns "Strong Hold Crusader" you can play online with me sometime and let me own you!!!!!!!!

So for what its worth if you need any information on cool sites that expand behind etsy and beyond blogger check out Works In Progress she is up on everything!


Misty said...

You never fail to make me laugh :)

DeeCee said...

First the phone company, now the blogger. You're having a week that should be canceled due to uncontrolable others.

Hope next week is better.

Lanee' said...

bu..bu...but you didn't tell us how you got past the captcha things. it's happenin to me now =-\

Mike said...

I hate when that sh*t happens to me, and it been happening lately. I think blogger is out to get me next!