Saturday, January 31, 2009

But MOM! I dont wanna....

Today was the day of I dont wanna. I didnt want to give the bank my money to pay rent, I didnt want to go to the anime convention all my cracked out friends went to, I didn't want to get out of bed, and I especially dont want to color in the comic today. LOL, I suck. Last night I went out and got a bit lippy with the in a guzzled shots. While standing on the corner on my cell phone this car slowly creeps by me with a white guy hanging out of it. I know what this is. He is going to hurl this cup at liquid at me and I can't stop him. I could dodge out of the way especially since I can see it slow mo coming at me. He for sure throws his drunk on me and then laughs as the car speeds off. I think he assumed that I was an anime nerd or leaving the Columbus Blue Jackets game. In both cases he was wrong. I may not ever see him again but I have put his face to memory. So if I end up on the news for beating a man with his own two fists then you know why.
My friend Tato came down for the convention this weekend baring gifts a plenty. He had cupcakes, potato chips, booze, and of course a special hoodie from Justin my best tall white man ever and he calls me short black girl. We are batman and robin but defined by our races.The hoodie consisted of a panda wearing a pimp hand, having a cane, and a breif case with a slogan that says "It's alright ladies, I am an international sex panda pimp." Lol, classic
Tato even brought me a cutie. Lol, now let me explain what I mean by cutie a very lovely brown haired something with curls a million. I giggled sadly though a bit too much of a prude for me and too two years younger than me. Alas it seems I should stick to my profile right littlepapoose?
Lol, so you guys get nothing today. No banners, no goodies, and no comic. Instead what you do get is me saying I dont want to and the knowledge that I wub 98% of you. The other 2% know who you are *eyes them*


esque said...

Sounds like a productive saturday, indeedy. I would have expected a picture of the hoodie at the very least. Mayhap tomorrow, lazy.


ClemArt Design said...

Lol, oh Inki how you are one to talk. If you must know I did eat cupcakes which is very productive :P