Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pride and Wallpapers..sounds like a fun store

I spent most of yesterday helping out my sister with some of her business stuff. I found myself doing that thing where you are like wanting to bang your head on the desk but you don't want to help yourself. The problem is that I was trying to help her online instead of in person. So how I would describe things would leave her saying "What...nah I don't see that." So there was a lot of screen shots being taken on my end. All in all though I can say that I am super proud of my sister. She has been talking about doing her own business for a while and she hearing how excited she gets (via yahoo messenger) is awesome. I got her Myspace, blogger, and sadly she got angry at twitter and beat it with a stick and then got dinner...but other wise an awesome experience :D.

Also I am really excited about January's Desktop. I loved it so much I put it into widescreen format for my computer and currently am enjoying it. Eventually my link will lead to the website which will give you guys more choices on desktops but for now while I finish the redesign and work out all the kinks (mainly the video page)it will still link back to my photobucket so you can steal it from there.

January Desktop


For my sister :)

Etsy - Blogger

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