Friday, January 16, 2009

Death of a Quilt Woman

I spent most of yesterday talking on Etsy which for once wasn't by accident. Etsy has this tiny little hook that she likes to stick in you and every time you try to walk away from her she slowly reels you back in. So yesterday I was hook free from my Bad Mistress and got to chit chat with a few new people. In that respect I ran into a certain Etsy user who's banner was made by my ARCH NEMESIS. So of course without thinking I made a new one. Thats is when the lovely Littlepapoose was like you know "If you walk up to her and tell her banner looks bad it would be like being a plastic surgeon and walking up to people and saying 'I'm a plastic surgeon let me help you'" Which was an epic statement so operation crush my ARCH NEMESIS'S balls was on hold...well in this case their wig wom hut.
So instead of today this being an all new awesome banner you get to see the banner I was going to give to the person minus their name. I changed it to something more "fitting". Also I got to spend some of my night talking with Ultra Punch which was completely awesome. I got to see his 360 avatar which actually was an inverted black man. Lol, which I loved.He then told me mine looked more asian than anything. And I was like you have no idea how hard it is to dress female avatars in this piece. Lol. He sadly though doesn't have any of my games so we couldn't play anything. So I guess I might get guitar hero 3 but I really think he should just get Rock Band and not be sooooo lame.
I also got an awkward call this morning from the ex asking if I got them anything for their birthday. Now I am a very logical illogical person which means I make no sense but perfect sense at the same time. So I thought wait didn't you leave me for an 18 year why would I have gotten you anything? Hmmm, maybe I am being too logical lol.

Death of a quilt woman:


littlepapoose said...

clem girl you are super fun to chat with!!! you always crack me up and somehow can totally understand what im getting at despite the normal "chatting" barriers...

thanks chica!

ClemArt Design said...

LOL!!!! Awwww, muchos gracias senorita. Lol, same on this end. You definitely get what I am thinking about 95% of the time. The other 5 % is when I go on my nerd tangents about computers. Lol