Monday, January 12, 2009

Blog What Not?

I looked into blogger today to see that I am currently not following any blogs. Which I find highly impossible because if you follow my blog I follow you. I live in the world of 50/50 equals happiness for all so I don't know where all my blogs went.
Now before this happened I was going to be all happy and filled with cheer about the snow last night, but now not so much.
I went outside last night wearing a pair of shorts, jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, a short sleeve t-shirt, a hoodie, a coat, gloves, and a hat to find that it was snowing. Now I did not know it was snowing I just assumed it was cold because I could feel the draft in my apartment. As I walked I felt like a little kid wishing that I had worn my boots out so I could play in it. The snow flakes were HUGE. Like the kind where you hold out your tongue and every single one hits it without you having to chase it.
I almost went back into my apartment to get my camera and then I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. Which is A. getting a bag of ruffles and B. getting a chicken corn dog. Lol, so on my way back I looked up at a the tree I had passed on my way over and just kept thinking. I am going to blog about this. Okay, mindless chatter over here is a new banner design. Using 3 yeah thats right 3!!! Of my new brushes. I am slowly working my way into liking them.

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