Monday, January 26, 2009

T-Shirt Hell is CLOSING?!?!

I am a person of witty yet bad humor so of course I love t-shirts that point that fact out. So I buy most of t-shirts from you guessed it t-shirt hell. I woke up and was playing around in one of my 24 emails(literally 24) and I was like ooooh t-shirt hell. I click on the email and it says they are closing. Now I cant even get it to come up in my browser window. Gah, for who will make me t-shirts of witty bad humor? Who will tell me that the Pillsbury dough boy believes in "White Flour". *cries a little bit and regains my composure* GAH!
*phew* I just the page to load and this isnt a fooking sale. lol, everything is still the same price and the guy is like a millionaire....
Anyway in other news I spent most of yesterday twiddling around with a brush set for Inkihandmade and banners for 12Step. It was pretty good fun until I realized it was like 10pm and I was supposed to go out with a friend for pizza...woops.
I am sure she wont even notice I didn't go out with her due to the fact she smokes enough trees to cause global warming (stolen from ludacris. Regardless I love that mofo. Me and her once drove her car over a huge hill and fooking flew through the air for like 3 seconds before her car scrapped the ground and I found out that I could fly. I was in a seat belt too!!!!!
So to all of you who enjoy flying in cars this one is for you:
broken fool

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