Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Its a busy yet slow day for me. I had a panic attack trying to do my taxes. Lol, I have so many freelance gigs on the side its impossible for me to keep up so I think I might just go to H&R and suck it up.
In other news I am partially bored out of my witt but in that same token I am so tired. I am running on kinda sorta fumes which basically means nap time. I wonder what keeps everyone else going after staying up late in chat...

I found myself having an emo day yesterday. I was playing around in the forums and I saw the most horrible sight ever...sales. Lol, I thought quickly to myself I am 20 times better than this person what gives? The difference was all in price. There was about a 3 dollar difference. Which meant that I was out of my bargaining range. So I posted a forum topic asking how other people deal with the idea of competition. Only one person responded. Eh, I guess no one is in competition right?I am sure people just watch other peoples stores just for the fun of it right? Even if they make the same thing as you? Oh you clever dog you! Konkers to you!

In other news my BFF Inkihandmade sent me an awesome fooking post card in the mail and I am glad to say I got it. I put it on my fridge and all. :)

international friend day


Angie said...

I need to put more effort into getting sales at my shop, hard to do with school. Chin up though, if people really like your work they'll choose it over a lesser priced seller's work.

ClemArt Design said...

Ty, magic Angie. Lol, Idk I think everyone is in a really cheap mode at the moment. So its kinda hard to say how things will play out on Etsy.