Friday, January 2, 2009

Single vs Together

Since I was in high school people have been doing this "singles awareness day" thing on "valentines day". I personally don't like running about the world saying "Hey look I am alone!!! I am proud to be alone!!! Someone please LOVE ME!!!!!" But for some people it works. That feeling of being together with something bigger than yourself when you are truly all alone. In that respect though people fling themselves into relationships and instant marriages and thats all fine with me but not for me.
So I sat there thinking what should the new banners for Valentines day be and it hit me do both. Happy Singles Awareness Day and Happy Valentines Day. Its something that I think even if it doesn't do well this year it will still get better over the years. So many people looking for love and very few with that special person to love.
I also made a new watermark for my banners. So if anyone likes the old one better let me know. Lol, then again there is rarely a comment so I don't feel to worried about that.

Pink n Black Valentine:
Pink n black valentine

Blue Vibe Singles Awareness Day:
happysingles awareness day

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